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Facebook Fan Page Basics

Today the various brands, businesses, places, artists, causes and just about anything can have a Facebook fan page. Fan pages are designed to be an extension of your profile which can be controlled from your personal account profile. In essence, fan pages are profiles for these various subjects which can be separate from your personal profile. This is also essential to have your brands, products and business on Facebook because using a personal profile for these goes against the terms of service of Facebook which would put the account owners at risk of having their personal accounts taken down by Facebook.

Fan pages are able to have access to fan user feeds. The fans of the page will opt into receiving messages that the page publishes when they decide to click on the “like” button for the page. This alone is a very useful function for both the page creator in marketing and the fan in keeping informed about the page. This feature also allows fan users to be able to share stories, photos, videos and any other media that is posted to the page with their friends quickly and easily.

The real time news feed is one of the ways that users will be able to keep up to date with your page. This allows anything that is posted to your fan page to be broadcasted to all of the fans instantaneously, showing in their news feed which is accessible via several different outlets such as computer browsers, and internet enabled cellular phone or mobile devices. This increases the exposure of your fan page by making your page stories just as important as those related to any friend posts that a fan may have. This is an important way that your fan page can keep the user informed about new developments with the page quickly and seamlessly.

Facebook pages can also make use of multiple applications which can boost the effectiveness of the page. The ability to make use of applications which occupy the entire space of the Facebook page is just one of the many ways that you can engage fans in alternate ways which are not normally available for Facebook profiles. These are essentially open canvases which are useful for creating amazing pages which can be aesthetically pleasing as well as professional for whatever the page subject focuses on. With a Facebook fan page for your brand or company, you can essentially join in on the conversation in a closer, interpersonal way with the fans. This is one of the best if not the best features of Facebook fan pages. You can give a voice to your brand and make it possible to talk directly with the fan base. Conversations are possible within a fan page and easily extend to the user’s news feed. This promotes conversation between Facebook users who share the interest in the fan page.

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