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Hi, if you are reading this then you have just purchased the Facebook Slap Survivor guide, which means you are one of the very few people who will have the ability to literally save the Facebook fan pages of local and national (even international) businesses and become a local or global hero to those businesses in no time.

Now, I just wanted to have this section of the white paper to say a huge THANK YOU, to you for purchasing this product. Not just because you have bought it, but because you have entrusted me and my abilities, to me that means more than money so thank you for the chance to show you this great little skill that could land you thousands of dollars by saving free Facebook pages from becoming extinct.

The Facebook Slap Survivor Guide If you bought this at the ground-floor price of $7 then congratulations you really got a real bargain, however if you bought your copy at $17 then you are just as lucky, because this product is worth a LOT more than what you paid for it.

All you need to do is TAKE ACTION. If you can do that, you will be one more step closer to the ultimate goal of making a full-time wealth online…..Exciting isn’t it?

And so I feel it is time to get to the meat of the product….Thanks for reading, thanks for buying and most importantly, Thank you for the trust…it is not taken for granted.

Thanks and enjoy. –

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