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Introduction 04
Section 1: Facebook Remarketing Basics
Chapter 1: What is Facebook all about 07
Chapter 2: What is Facebook Remarketing? 09
Chapter 3: How can Facebook Remarketing help your business? 12
Chapter 4: Facebook Remarketing Facts to consider 17
Section 2: Facebook Remarketing – Step by Step
Chapter 5: Facebook Walkthrough 21
Chapter 6: Facebook Ads Manager Walkthrough 25
Chapter 7: Creating a Facebook Remarketing Pixel 29
Chapter 8: Adding the Facebook Remarketing Pixel to your business website 32
Chapter 9: Custom Audiences 35
Chapter 10: Creating a Facebook Remarketing Campaign 38
Section 3: Advanced Facebook Remarketing Strategies
Chapter 11: Remarketing To Your Existing Customers 45
Chapter 12: Remarketing To App Users 50
Chapter 13: Remarketing To Engagement Audiences 54
Chapter 14: Remarketing To Users Who Never Open Your Emails 58
Chapter 15: Using Content Series To Remarket To Hard-To-Get Leads 61
Chapter 16: Additional Facebook Remarketing Tips And Tricks 65
Section 4: Additional Tips to consider
Chapter 17: Do’s and Don’ts 70
Chapter 18: Premium tools and Services to consider 75
Chapter 19: Shocking Case Studies 78
Chapter 20: Frequently Asked Questions 84
Conclusion 88
Top Resources 89
Special Offer 90

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Chapter 2: What Is Facebook Remarketing?

Hey there folks! Let’s now talk about the main topic of this training; Let’s talk about a paid advertising strategy so effective that you will wonder why you haven’t heard about it before.

Do you think it is unfair to pay top dollar on advertising to reach leads that will click through your ads and then land on your website without taking action, leaving soon after? Do you think that it is unfair that those unconverted leads will possibly forget that they were on your site a few minutes later?

The harsh truth is that the majority of leads that you reach with ads will not convert. In fact, about only 5% of leads end up converting. But what if we told you that there is a way to re-engage those lost leads, even when they were seemingly uninterested in your business? Let’s talk about remarketing and about why Facebook is the perfect remarketing platform.

First, What Is Remarketing?

Remarketing is an online marketing method that advertisers employ in order to stay relevant to bounced traffic and non-converting leads. As a paid advertising strategy it will allow you to reach out to leads long after they have clicked through your ads or visited your website.

Remarketing works by following the steps of your potential customers across the internet. All you have to do is to insert a code provided by your remarketing network on your website that saves a tracking cookie on your visitors’ browsers, which then tracks visitors and shows them adverts wherever they go.

The secret behind remarketing’s efficiency as an advertising strategy is in how it can help you to reengage leads that have shown an interest in your business not only by clicking on your ads but also by visiting your site while browsing organically.

That is why remarketing is used by many online marketers as a complimentary advertising strategy, as it allows them to send people to the business website that they are promoting through ad units and then to retarget those same users through retargeting ads.

What Makes Facebook The Perfect Remarketing Platform?

As you might already know, Facebook is one of the most effective advertising platforms around, and one that is often preferred by agencies and professional marketers thanks to its cost effectiveness, its wide ad inventory and because of its 2 billion active monthly users.

And it so happens that one of the most lauded features of the Facebook advertising platform is Facebook Remarketing, which offers advertisers better audience targeting options than any other remarketing platform.

That is because the Facebook Remarketing platform allows advertisers to set up custom audiences that go beyond website visitors. With Facebook Remarketing you will be able to retarget existing customers, Facebook app users and in-store customers.

One of the advantages of the Facebook Remarketing platform is that it relies on pixel codes instead of tracking cookies, making up for more accurate remarketing campaigns.

Want to know how else your business can benefit from Facebook Remarketing? Tune in to the following chapter to find out!

Chapter 3: How Can Facebook Remarketing Help Your Business?

If you thought that paid advertising was a necessity, then you will be surprised at how remarketing can help your business, especially on Facebook.

In fact, you would be leaving a lot of money on the table if you don’t get into Facebook Remarketing as soon as you finish this training.

Here are the benefits of introducing your business to Facebook Remarketing.

You Will Be Reengaging Potential Customers On The Largest Social Network To Date

Chances are that your potential customers are all already using Facebook. Don’t just take our word for it: Studies have found that close to 80% of internet users use Facebook, and a good chunk of them are using it daily, and you can bet that a good portion of your target audience is in that 80%.

That means that, for example, anyone visiting your site is very likely to have Facebook open on another tab on the same browser, which will allow you to immediately show them ads on their newsfeed!

Facebook Remarketing Is Actually Conversion Driven

Most remarketing platforms rely on tracking cookies to retarget website visitors. The bad news is that tracking cookies track all types of visitors, which means that a significant amount of your remarketing budget will go towards retargeting unqualified, uninterested leads.

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