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Table Of Contents

2.Farmville Guide
3.Features of Farmville
4.Getting Started
5.Strategies of playing Farmville
6.Trade Secrets of Farmville
7.Top Ten tips to beat the competition at Farmville
8.Ultimate know how of Farmville
9.More about Farmville

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Social networking sites like Facebook, Orkut, Ibibo etc. offer you with a chance to stay in touch with friends, family, business colleagues and loved ones. The new development on these sites which has made them even friendlier is that they now provide you with a platform to enjoy and pass your time. Did you know how? The most promising and popular social networking site which has emerged is Facebook. And this is mainly because of the online games featured on it. The coolest and most addictive online game today is Farmville on Facebook.

All members on Facebook have now starting devoting immense amount of time playing this virtual game which has started to appear more like a reality. Each one is worried about the fact that their crops have grown and don’t want them to get withered. Some spend time in just plowing, seeding and harvesting while others use their coins to make investments and buy villas, livestock, trees, decorative items etc. People have started taking the game very seriously and have established an emotional bond with their farm.

Farmville is an application on Facebook. It has been developed by Zynga. Facebook also has other applications and online games but nothing is as addictive and popular as Farmville. Some of the other gaming applications by Zynga and others are Texas Hold’em Poker, Yo Ville!, Café World, Fishville, Mafia Wars etc. Farmville provides you with the opportunity to perform all tasks and activities that you would if you owned a farm. It makes you a Virtual Farmer. You are responsible for what happens on your farm. You analyze and take decisions on where to spend the coins you earn from selling crops.

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