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Part I- Event Planning With A Group – (316 Words)
Part II- Event Planning With A Child – (336 Words)
Part III- Event Planning And Family Reunions – (337 Words)
Part IV- Event Planning A High School Reunion – (318 Words)
Part V- Event Planning As A Career – (303 Words)

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One of the best things to do on a warm and sunny summer afternoon is to pack up your family and head to a park where you’ll find dozens and dozens of relatives you haven’t seen in decades. This is the premise of a family reunion; a chance for people who have drifted apart to reconnect with good food and even better company.
Planning a family reunion can be one of the most intensive types of event planning there is. It involves not only contacting dozens of people but finding those people. If you are fortunate you’ve been in close contact with much of your family and it’s simply a matter of either sending out invitations or telephoning them and arranging a pot luck dinner in a park. However, it isn’t always this easy.
If you are taking on the responsibility for event planning your family reunion there are a few things you can do to make the job easier:
” Locate the most recent family tree. This will prove invaluable in the event planning because it will give you a rough idea of the number of attendees as well as supply you with their names and sometimes cities of residence, which makes for easier contact.
” Branch out. Just as a family tree has branches, so should your event planning tactics. Ask a family member to contact one half of the family tree while you handle the other. This will cut the time in half.
” If someone asks what they can bring don’t say “nothing.” People love contributing and even if it’s just a basket of chicken or a watermelon it will help. Take people up on their offers to help, it will make the day much more enjoyable for you.
Family reunions can be a great success and a wonderful way to catch up with the people closest to you. With the proper event planning it can quickly become an annual event.

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