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Having a “list” with a fantastic series of autoresponders and broadcasts that you update regularly is great, but if there’s no one on your list, you’re not going to be making many sales. You need to build your list – and list-building is a specialty in and of itself.

Ultimately email marketing is a way to market your product or service through email. You can build your email list in a number of ways. Here are just a few:

Opt-In Forms. The most common way to build a list is by placing an opt-in form on a website or sales page and having people fill it out. Whenever someone visits your blog or website, there should be a clear place for them to subscribe to receive more information from you.

Customer Lists. Many shopping carts, such as eJunkie and 1ShoppingCart, have automatic processes for adding purchasers to your email contact list. This is something you’ll definitely want to integrate, because customers are already a step above mere “prospects.” By buying

something from you – even a purchase of $10 or less

– they’ve proven that they want what you’re offering, they know how to purchase on the internet and are comfortable doing so, and they have money to spend.

Forwards. At the bottom of every email you send, Aweber has an option for others to subscribe. You can add a PS or signature line that says, “Did you like this email? Forward it to a friend!” Then when that friend receives your email from someone they know and trust, they can directly subscribe to your list by clicking on the enclosed link. Just another reason to love Aweber!

Buying Lists. It is possible to buy email lists from others.

Even though this sounds like a great shortcut, I recommend against this practice, particularly when you’re just starting out. Many times, lists are extremely expensive, the names and contact information are outdated, the people aren’t targeted to what you’re offering, and they may see contact from you as spam. You’re much better off doing things with a little elbow grease and creating your own list from scratch of people who know, like, and trust you.

Getting people on your email list may seem difficult in the begin-ning. There are strategies for making it more compelling for people to give you their email address, such as by providing an opt-in bonus of some sort. We’ll talk more about getting targeted and interested subscribers further in this report. For now it’s important that you understand you need to offer high value to potential subscribers.

Now, let’s talk about why building an email list might be one of the smartest investments of your time.


Some people start email lists, get a few people and then give up. They get discouraged because they don’t really under-stand the true benefits of building a large, responsive email list.

HERE ARE seven reasons why you need an email list:

1. Automatically Follow-Up – An email list allows you to multiply your time in a way that would require a cloning machine! With autoresponders you can have a follow-up system in place that makes sales for you twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.

2. Constantly Build Your Business – New prospects can be signing up to your email list automatically, every day, without your help or involvement. This is a way to be constantly building your business, automatically.

3. Capture Visitors – You’ve put tons of work into your website. If you’re not capturing visitors, they’re coming and going, possibly never to return again. If you capture their information, you can keep in contact with them and build the relationship.

4. Stay on Their Minds – Most of your potential customers or clients won’t be ready to buy from you right now. Through email marketing, you can stay on their minds through your email autore-sponders and broadcast messages. Then, when they are ready or in need, they’ll look back for your emails or remember your website and they’ll order from you.

5. Save Yourself Time – Instead of sharing your message one on one, over and over again, you can now reach one to many. This is going to not only save yourself time but also leverage your time into long-term profits.

6. Be Super-Human – It’s simply not humanly possible to connect one-on-one with all your prospects and customers the way you can with an email system. The great thing is, if you set it up right your message can SEEM very customized and personal even when they ARE completely automated.

7. Increase Your Sales – Of course the goal here isn’t just to be awesome (though that’s a good goal in itself). What you’re really looking for in an increase in sales and profits. An email list can deliver you an increase in sales.

THE CHALLENGE IS that if you give up too soon, you’ll never see these benefits. Yes, email marketing starts out slow, but don’t give up! Every marketer – even those with hundreds of thousands on their lists – started with one subscriber, then two, then ten. Yes it takes time and yes it can be frustrating waiting for the rewards but be patient and diligent, and you will see your efforts pay off over time.


Some people will start building an email list in their email account, such as Outlook. This is OK if you have only 15 or 20 people to email but when you start getting more and more prospects this can be a big problem.

For one, if you try to email hundreds of people from your own email account you’ll most likely get flagged as a spammer. And secondly, by US Can-Spam laws you must have a way for people to unsubscribe from your emails at the bottom of every email.

THERE ARE plenty of email service providers out there in the cyber-space, but my choice is Aweber. Here’s why:

1. High Deliverability – One of the most important factors you need to consider is whether or not your emails are getting to their targeted inboxes. If they’re not, all your efforts are for nothing. Aweber provides top-deliverability to its customers. They are constantly working hard to establish relationships with internet service providers so emails from Aweber will be delivered, not diverted to the Junk Folder. Aweber has one of the highest deliver-ability rates in the industry.

2. Pricing – Aweber is competitive in terms of pricing. You may be able to find less expensive options, but that lower price comes at a sacrifice in terms of deliverability, options, and support. At the same time, Aweber is very affordable. You can start with a $1 trial and then continue at just $19 per month for up to 500 subscribers. With this plan you can send an unlimited number of emails per month.

3. Emails – In Aweber you have a number of features and options when it comes to sending emails. Most email software programs allow you to send both autoresponders and broadcasts but not many have a blog broadcast feature. Blog broadcasts makes are a way to send your latest blog updates directly – and automatically – to your subscribers. Aweber is also up to date in terms of social media func-tions, allowing you to automatically and instantly post your emails to Twitter and/or Facebook.

4. Templates – If you’re not a programmer (and most of us are not!) then it’s not easy to create great-looking opt-in forms or newslet-ters. Aweber has a very large selection of both that you can use as-is or easily customize to fit your business.

5. Customer Support –Aweber’s customer support is top notch, offering phone support, live online chat, email, webinars, a free e-course, tutorials, and more. When you start to use the program there is even a set-up walk-through. If you’ve got problems or questions, there are a number of different ways to get help.

6. Subscriber Statistics – Understanding how many new subscribers you have, where they come from, what they click on and when they unsubscribe is important to your business. Aweber does an excellent job of subscriber management. One of the best features here is that you can send out emails to your lists separately or all at once. Even if your subscribers and on multiple lists they will only ever get one email – a great feature to save your subscribers the frus-tration of deleting multiple emails from multiple lists. You can also view detailed reports or even have them mailed to you.

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