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Even though this course is on email marketing, you need to come to terms with some truths about it. For one, email marketing is not as effective as it used to be. To be more exact, email marketing started to lose the effectiveness it used to have prior to Facebook’s popularity.

As of this time of writing, more Internet users spend more time checking their Facebook and Twitter account daily. Slightly more than half of the global Internet users have a Facebook account and people aged 20 and below prefer to check their Facebook account for messages than their email! You can say the same for Twitter in spite of its 140 character limitations per direct messaging.

And get this: GMail, one of the leading email providers, had recently implemented the ‘priority markers’ feature allowing their users to mark selected emails as important and thus change the ways people prioritize their emails for reading consumption every time they check their Inbox. And let’s be honest: promotional emails rarely ever reach PRIORITY status!

Then they a smart system that detects and filters spam emails and it gets tweaked frequently, therefore making even legit email marketing harder.

Given those reasons, am I implying that email marketing is dying? In spite of these factors, email marketing is still far from dying because it remains an essential Internet feature!

But I want to bring those truths to your attention because you need to understand that there will always be new technology, and technology changes things.

Plus don’t forget the sheer volume of spams, ads, and other marketers also using email are competing for your prospect’s attention just like you.

This means you need to employ different, more effective tactics to capture your prospect’s attention and get him to act on YOUR email instead of your competitors!

This is imperative especially if you happen to operate in a niche that is highly competitive, and that it is not uncommon for people to subscribe to more than one mailing lists – examples like, but not limited to: Internet Marketing, business opportunities, Multi-Level Marketing, Forex, real estate, weight loss, dating and relationship.

In other words, for almost every subscriber who joins your mailing list you can safely assume that they are also on your competitors mailing lists. And you know how buyers can be harsh and unforgiving when it comes to comparison shopping!

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