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Table of Contents

A Short Introduction 4
How Do Email Marketers Usually Try to Maximize ROI? 4
Section 1: The Mysterious “X-Factor” 6
Your Traffic Source Can Throw a Spanner
in the Works 7
Another Traffic Scenario 8
Your Marketing Message and Other Elements Matter – A Lot 10
Section 2: The Email Copy Creation Process – Step By Step 12
Action Plan: Day 1 13
Action Plan: Day 2 and Beyond 15
Monetizing Your List 16
Affiliate Promotions 17
Develop Your Own Products 19
Content Emails 22
The Daily Email 23
Section 3: 9 Email Marketing Hacks That Will Skyrocket Your Profits 24
Hack #1: Get Your Email Subject Lines Out of the Dreaded
“Valley of Death” 24
Hack #2: Personalize Your Emails 25
Hack #3: Less Is More Profitable 26
Hack #4: Of Mobile Phones and Email Subject Lines 27
Hack #5: Exploit the Brain’s Infatuation with the Unexpected 28
Hack #6: The Long and Short of Emails 28
Hack #7: How Winston Churchill Might Have Made
His Emails Get Results 29
Hack #8: Put This One Thing in Your Subject Lines and Watch
Your Response Rates Skyrocket 29
Hack #9: What to Write First When Crafting Email Copy 30
Conclusion 31

Sample Content Preview

Hey, thank you for downloading this awesome Email Copy Blueprint!

You have taken a big step towards revolutionizing your email marketing. And raking in the profits you truly deserve.

Just who is this blueprint for?

It’s designed for three groups of people.
1. Those who are building a brand new email list. If that’s you, congratulations! With this blueprint, you can get your email copy done right from the start.
2. Those who have an existing list. Large or small. And who want to learn how to create a better connect with that list. Which of course, can lead to bigger profits down the line.
3. Those who have a list that’s gone stale. Maybe they haven’t emailed them in a while. And now they want to try to re-engage with at least some part of that list. This process can help with that.
So if your email marketing business falls into any of those categories, Email Copy Blueprint can help. Big time.

What markets will this process work for?

Just about any market or niche. As in, weight loss, dog training, golf, dating, horticulture, home improvement or anything else.

Including of course, the Internet marketing / make money online market and its various niches.

How Do Email Marketers Usually Try to Maximize ROI?

Broadly speaking, there are a couple of different ways people try to squeeze the maximum money out of their email lists and / or traffic in general, whether free or paid.

The first option is to send lots and lots of different kinds of offers. And to see what works the best.

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