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Ebook Table Of Contents

Facebook    3
Facebook  A New Way to Communicate    4
Pay Per Click And Facebook    5
Facebook and Friends    6
Growing Your Business Facebook Style    7
Why Not Yahoo Instead    8
Get Buzzed    9
Smart PPC Advertising    10
Why Do We Click What We Click?    11
Google’s Pay Per Click Program    12
The Buzz about Buzz    13
Google Translator And Adsense    14
Google’s Youtube    15
Using Google’s YouTube to Promote Your Business    16
I’ve Built It, Why Aren’t They Coming?    17

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Remember when a social networking site was the conference center where you endured endless facts and figures with fellow colleagues or it was the corner cafe for a drink with coworkers after five?  Enter technology and the 2000’s.

Social networking sites are now online. With just a click these sites are accessible in the comfort of your own home, at the office and coffee shops.  Wherever there’s a connection, there’s a connection.  Basically a social networking site is designed to connect with people: family, friends, co-workers, etc.  One of the sites that has been gaining notoriety and becoming more popular today than body glitter in the ‘90’s is Facebook.

This is a free site anyone can join.  Begin by setting up your account and creating a profile.  A profile is just that, you fill in the blanks with some info about you, a little or a lot, whatever you want people to know.  You can download a profile picture that stays on “your page”.  If you opt out of downloading a picture an icon appears instead.

Once on Facebook you can begin searching for people and asking them to be your “friend”.  You’ll quickly get over the initial “this is so third grade asking people to be your friend” realizing the site is one of the coolest tools to use for contacts.  You can search not only for people but by interest group as well.  With most interest groups you follow them as a “fan”.  Once you and someone agree to “be friends or fans” you are able to read each other’s pages.

Pages contain news feed (info on your friend’s newest friends), status updates (info posted by your friends), posted photos and applications (games).  Your page also provides an email account and instant messenger should you not want to converse with someone via a status update in the public eye.  Facebook allows you to comment on a friend’s status update, or if you are at a loss for works you can simply click the “like” button letting them know you agree.

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