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Table Of Contents

How to Profit from Your Info Product
• Upfront Sales
• Back end Income
• Conveying Resell Rights
• Selling Its Source Format
What You Need
• Word Or Similar Program
• PDF Converter Program
• Graphics Program (optional)
• Affiliate Programs You Join
• Your Brain with Some Confidence to Go!
Planning Your Info Product Creation
• Demand
• Price
• Title
• Contents
• Font
• Number of pages
• Page size
• Format
• Affiliate Program links
Creating Your Info Product
• Product Cover
• Important Notices
• Table of Contents
• Page Layout
Your Ebook’s Contents
• Write on Your Own
• Interview
• Hire a Ghost Writer
• Public Domain
• A Word on Free Articles
Joining Affiliate Programs
Affiliate Program Success Choice Factors
• Demand
• Commission incentive
• Sales letter conversion rate
• Promotion materials
• Quality
Info Product Creation Tips
In Closing

Sample Content Preview

Module One: Creating Your Info Product

You are probably already convinced on how profitable the information market can be. And more often than not, I admit that the profitability in the information market can sometimes be beyond my realm of imagination. It’s just awesome!

Also, I trust that you already know that this package has been divided into 3 instructional Modules.

Obviously, I hazard a guess you will be starting your Info Product profits education with this module since it’s number one of the three, but feel free to jump around, but do come back and start at the beginning.

In a nutshell, the 3 Modules required of you to succeed in being an Infopreneur are:

Creating a product, – (covered in this module)
Setting up your business, and – (covered in Module #2)
Marketing it! – (covered in Module #3)

While these steps may sound absurdly oversimplified and have been told in many versions, I’ll show you exactly how making money online with your own Info Products is done… step by step, leaving nothing out.

As the title of this module is rather self-explanatory, you will also quickly learn that this module itself is a perfect example of how to create an Info Product that sells. At first glance, to some, it may look as if I have just created an Info Product that teaches others how to create one.

But you will also discover that I really DO practice what I teach, having also been of service to some of my clients as a ghostwriter and created several Info Products and Private Label products that sell very well.

I’ve said it before, but it bears repeating: it takes all of the Modules (which are presented in this course) to succeed and profit in the information market.

If you have at least one weak module or more, your business can be doomed to fail. It is that crucial to do all of the steps.

Now, I strongly recommend that you start with this module, whether you have or have not yet written your first Info Product that sells.

At the end of this course, I know you WILL learn something new, even if you are a seasoned information entrepreneur.

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