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Table Of Contents

1.Introduction 4
2.eBay: An Overview 5
3.eBay Myths and Misconceptions Clarified 7
4.Getting started with eBay 10
5.Playing By the Ebay Rules 14
6.The Power of Your ‘About Me’ Page Creating and Managing Your ‘About Me’ Page 16
7.Starting Your Selling Career on Ebay 19
8.Tips on How to Jumpstart Your Ebay Career 26
9.Maximize Your Potential With an Excellent Ebay Listing 30
10.Shipping Methods and Shipping Prices 39
11.Choosing Your Buyers 41
12.Things to Remember While on Ebay 43
13.Thinking Big with Ebay 44

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Every one of us reaches a point wherein we are in need of some money to help tide us over – or you simply want to make more money from home.

Meanwhile, we think about selling some of our possessions but we don’t have the market to sell it to. Used and broken appliances and other furniture accumulate in our home, and all the while we think on ways as to how we could earn from them if we sell it.

However, there is an inherent problem here that we can’t seem to find ways or persons who might be willing to purchase our used belongings. So is there a solution that will solve the problem?

Yes, there is, and the good news is that it’s online: eBay. Through eBay, you can change your trash into money, in the process clearing your home of unwanted and broken things that would only accumulate and get wasted.

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