Easy Culinary Mastery Of Vegetarian Cooking Plr Ebook

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Ebook Table Of Contents

Introduction and Foreword, Rationale, Target Audience, Purpose and Layout of the Book           3

I. Soups                                         7
II. Sauces                                          21

III. Rice, Macaroni, Oatmeal                           25

IV. Eggs And Omelets                               29

V. Salads And Sandwiches                                40
VI. Savory Dishes                                 43
VII. Vegetables, Substantial                             45
VIII. Vegetables, Fresh                                 46
IX. Preserved Vegetables And Fruits                          49
X. Jellies (Vegetarian) And Jams                          51
TABLE OF CONTENTS… (continued)

XI. Creams, Custards, And Cheesecakes                     55

XII. Stewed Fruits And Fruit Ices                         58

XIII. Cakes And Bread                                 62

XIV. Pies And Puddings                                65

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Introduction and Foreword, Rationale, Target Audience, Purpose and Layout of the Book

This guide is meant for everyone who has ever needed to understand and enjoy this method of preparing sustenance and delights for the vegetarian palette and preference.

There are many who choose alternatives to protein and traditional meat meals. Regardless of conviction, religion or just mere choice, vegetarian eating is on the rise and with it the skills to choose and prepare better vegetarian meals for all occasions, budgets and tastes.

Others choose vegetarianism for health-related reasons and concerns.

If you are interested in living better and healthier, this guide is for you. It will teach and enlighten you as to what is required to choose, prepare and enjoy healthier vegetarian alternatives.

There are numerous options and ways to make food interesting by flavoring it naturally. Vegetarian dishes do not have to be bland or uninteresting.

Fruits, spices and essences can be used to greatly enhance taste and flavor, bringing out the best in all types of food.

->    Almonds
->    Celery.
->    Ginger.
->    Lemon.
->    Orange.
->    Raspberries.
->    Ratafia.
->    Strawberries.
->    Vanilla.

Dried English Herbs.

->    Basil.
->    Garden Mint.
->    Lemon Thyme.
->    Mixed Sweet Herbs.
->    Parsley.
->    Sage.
->    Savory.
->    Tarragon.
->    Celery Seeds, Salt and Herbaceous Mixture.
->    Distilled Tarragon and Chill Vinegar for Salads and Sauces.

Here are some fast facts about vegetarianism to take to heart:

–    It focuses on the non-use of all animal flesh and products, including fish, flesh and fowl as a food …

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