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Ebook Table Of Contents


The Problem of Food

Selection of Food

Food Substances

Food Value

Digestion and Absorption of Food

Preparation of Food

Methods of Cooking

Heat for Cooking

Utensils for Cooking

Preparing Foods for Cooking

Order of Work

Table for Cooking Foods

Care of Food

Menus and Recipes

Terms Used in Cookery


Production, Composition, and Selection

Cereals as a Food

Preparation of Cereals for the Table

Indian Corn, or Maize





Rye, Buckwheat, and Millet

Prepared, or Ready-to-Eat, Cereals

Serving Cereals

Italian Pastes

Breakfast Menu


Importance of Bread as Food

Ingredients for Bread Making

Utensils for Bread Making

Bread-Making Processes

Making the Dough

Care of the Rising Dough

Kneading the Dough

Shaping the Dough Into Loaves
Baking the Bread

Scoring Bread

Use of the Bread Mixer

Serving Bread

Bread Recipes

Recipes for Rolls, Buns, and Biscuits


Left-Over Bread


Hot Breads in the Diet

Principal Requirements for Hot Breads

Leavening Agents

Hot-Bread Utensils and Their Use

Preparing the Hot-Bread Mixture

Baking the Hot-Bread Mixture

Serving Hot Breads

Popover Recipes

Griddle-Cake Recipes

Waffle Recipes

Muffin Recipes

Corn-Cake Recipes

Biscuit Recipes

Miscellaneous Hot-Bread Recipes

Utilising Left-Over Hot Breads

Luncheon Menu

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1. Without doubt, the greatest problem confronting the human race is that of food. In order to exist, every person must eat; but eating simply to keep life in the body is not enough. Aside from this, the body must be supplied with an ample amount of energy to carry on each day’s work, as well as with the material needed for its growth, repair, and working power. To meet these requirements of the human body, there is nothing to take the place of food, not merely any kind, however, but the
right kind.

Indeed, so important is the right kind of food in the scheme of life that the child deprived of it neither grows  nor  increases  in  weight,  and  the  adult  who  is  unable  to  secure  enough  of  it  for  adequate nourishment is deficient in nerve force and working power. If a person is to get the best out of life, the food taken into the body must possess real sustaining power and supply the tissues with the necessary building material; and this truth points out that there are facts and principles that must be known in order that the proper selection of food may be made, that it may be so prepared as to increase its value, and that economy in its selection, preparation, use, and care may be exercised.

2.  Probably the most important of these principles is the cooking of food. While this refers especially to the preparation of food by subjecting edible materials to the action of heat, it involves much more. The  cooking of  food is a science as  well  as  an art,  and it  depends for its success  on  known and established principles. In its full sense, cookery means not only the ability to follow a recipe, thereby producing a successfully cooked dish, but also the ability to select materials, a knowledge of the ways in which to prepare them, an understanding of their value for the persons for whom they are prepared, and ingenuity in serving foods attractively and in making the best use of food that may be left over from the previous meals, so that there will be practically no waste. Thus, while cookery in all its phases is a broad subject, it is one that truly belongs to woman, not only because of the pleasure she derives in preparing food for the members of her family, but because she is particularly qualified to carry on the work…

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