Easy Auto Leasing: Your Complete Guide To Leasing & Insuring Cars Plr Ebook

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Table of Contents

1. Introduction to Leasing 4
Common Misconceptions 4
The dealer is not the leasing company 6
You can find your own leasing company 7
What it means to lease 7
The Basic Facts 8
Know When To Buy & When to Lease 10
Why is car leasing popular? 12
Leasing a Car vs. Buying a Car 12
Purchase Price 13
Down Payment 13
Monthly Payment 13
Totals after 36 Months 14
Residual Value of Vehicle 14
Real, Final Cost 14
So, How Do I Lease? 15
How to Shop Around for a Car Lease 16
Overview 17
Lease Advantages 17
Lease Disadvantages 18
Taxes, Credit and Payments, Oh My! 20
Taxes & Leasing 20
Hidden Pitfalls 20
Your Credit Score & Leasing 22
Lease Negotiation Tactics 24
Understanding the Fine Print of a Car Lease 25
Take Over a Lease Instead 26
Getting Auto Insurance 27
Types of Auto Coverage 28
What Type of Insurance do You Need? 30
Clarify Your Options 30
State Laws 30
Have a Budget 30
Know Your Vehicle 31
Know About Your Other Insurance 31
Insurance Pricing 32
What’s a Deductible? 34
Important Terms to Know 36
The Final Thought 37

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1. Introduction to Leasing
The concept of leasing is fairly simple, yet many automotive consumers don’t completely understand. People are quite often skeptical and even afraid of leasing. A lot of people see it as being similar to a “rent-to-own” scenario but, for some reason, on a much more sinister level. There are even well-meaning but misinformed “experts” who are quick to advise against leasing, denouncing it as a scam, professing that it’s a waste of money like renting or suggesting that it only really benefits the businesses.

While leasing certainly does have similarities to renting and rent-to-own plans it’s far from sinister or cheating. In fact, leasing is a well-respected and common financial concept that has been used in the commercial world for decades as a method of financing buildings, equipment, and vehicles—although it is still relatively new to most automotive consumers.

Car leasing is not the same as renting, as many people mistakenly believe. Because many consumers still are not sufficiently informed, there have certainly been cases in which mistakes have been made and in which customers’ lack of knowledge has been taken advantage of, sometimes fraudulently. But for every horror story that’s told there are 1,000 success stories that don’t get told. Think of it this way: If you buy an item from an online store, are you more likely to give that item a review if you have a good experience with it or a bad experience? If you loved the item and enjoyed it then you probably don’t care about the online store and likely never thought to review the item. If you had a bad experience with the item you’re very likely to want to let everyone know about it and have the problem resolved by the manufacturer or store; you’ll be far more likely to leave a review. Thus the horror stories are more commonly publicized simply because more people are willing to tell them.

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