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{DUI means Driving under the Influence (of alcohol and/or drugs).|DUI is an abbreviation for Driving under the Influence (of alcohol and/or drugs).|DUI represents Driving under the influence (alcohol and or drugs).|Do you know that DUI stands-for Driving under the Influence (of drugs or alcohol)?|DUI is a shortened form for- Driving under the Influence (of alcohol, drugs or both.)|The abbreviation DUI is used to represent- Driving under Influence (of alcohol and /or drugs).|DUI refers to Driving under the Influence (of alcohol and /or drugs).|DUI is a shortened term of Driving under Influence (of drugs and/or alcohol).|Whenever you hear the term DUI, it refers to –Driving under the influence (of drugs and/or alcohol)|The abbreviation DUI is often used in place of Driving under influence (of alcohol or/and drugs.) } {There are certain rules made to assist motorists, cyclists and pedestrians because of drivers who are guilty of indulging in drugs and alcohol before driving.|Because of drivers who consume alcohol and controlled substances before getting on the roads, laws have been made to keep pedestrians, cyclists and motorists out of harm’s way. |Laws have being put in place to protect the cyclists, pedestrians and motorists who use the road from other drivers who take alcohol or drugs and can endanger their lives.|To guard against drivers who can harm pedestrians, motorists and cyclists, the government has made laws against driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs.|In order to protect the people who make use of the road, laws have been made against those who have the habit of driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol.|Motorists, pedestrians and cyclists are protected by the laws which make it wrong for any to driver to drive while under alcohol or drug influence. |To enable pedestrians, cyclists and motorists to move around in safety, drivers who drive even after drug or alcohol consumption are guilty of disobeying the laws.|The government has put laws in place banning drivers from going on the road while under drug or liquor influence to avoid risking the lives of the other people who use the road.|Laws have been made to prevent people from driving while under the influence of alcohol or drugs because of the lives of motorists, cyclists and pedestrians who also use the road. |Pedestrians, cyclists and motorists are protected from drivers under such influence by the laws laid down by the government.} {They are called the DWI laws and they guard against drunk or drugged driving.|These laws are known as the DWI and they have rendered drunk or drugged driving an offense.|Many people are familiar with these laws called the DWI laws which make such influenced driving an offence.|It is illegal to drive while under the influence of drugs or liquor because of the laws called the DWI.|When a driver is under the influence of alcohol and drugs then he/she is guilty of disobeying the DWI laws.|These DWI laws have made driving under drug or alcohol influence an act punishable by the law.|Thanks to the DWI laws, such drivers who are apprehended won’t escape punishment.|It is a punishable offence for any individual to drive while under influence of alcohol or controlled substances.|DWI laws have ensured that such individuals will face the judgment of the law for such driving. |A driver who is apprehended while driving under the influence of drugs and alcohol has disobeyed DWI laws.}

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