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Number 3: Go Live!

When social media marketing began, it was a lot easier. That’s because fewer people were doing it and this made it much easier to stand out.

Now everyone has a social media page and getting noticed is much more difficult. But the new kid on the block is live. Going live on Instagram or Facebook is something that social media platforms want to push and that few creators are getting involved in. So, if you can find the time and energy to give it a go, you might just that your whole audience is notified and you can make a big impact. Plus, they get to talk to you directly – which transforms the way they see you!

Going live is particularly effective because most platforms actually notify followers when someone starts a live feed. This means that you can jolt your audience out of whatever they were doing that day in order to come and hear what you have to say!

There are a huge number of types of content that lend themselves particularly well to live streams. You can create a live feed of something you’re working on, you can create a live feed to share an idea that just came to you, you can create a live feed of an event or a location. This is also a fantastic way to review a product, or to run a Q&A!

Number 4: Network

This is absolutely crucial. You must network if you want to succeed and surprisingly, the best way to do that is by networking in person. Go to events, speak with people and make real connections with people.

This might sound a little confusing, seeing as you are likely an “online” kind of person. But the truth is that most influencers don’t want to hear from you. If you send a message to someone with 100,000 followers, your message will be one of 1,000 that they received that day. I’m not joking!

So how do you stand out? Some blogs will recommend that you make lots of posts on their posts, that you be persistent… but it’s a lot of work with no guaranteed pay off.

But if you MEET the person face-to-face, then they will form a lasting memory of you and you can pitch them your ideas and your brand. And that can be extremely powerful.

NOW they will be much more likely to give you a shoutout, or to share something you posted! So go to networking events if you can, or even hire those influencers if they offer a face-to-face service!

Number 5: Climb the Ladder

So the best growth hack for influencers is to find other big influencers to work with. This way, you not only gain free exposure to their audience, but also endorsement from names that people in that niche already trust. This is MASSSIVE.

But if you can’t find a way to meet them in person, how do you get the biggest players to respond?

Answer: you don’t! At least not to start with.

Instead, you focus on the smaller influencers. Ideally, you focus on the influencers that have a similar number of followers to you.

Number 6: Make a Name in Existing Communities

Another tip that is less well-known is to make a name for yourself in other communities. No matter what niche you chose, there is most likely a forum somewhere filled with people who are fascinated by that topic. If you can find that forum, post extremely regularly, and demonstrate your generosity and broad knowledge, then people will trust you AND want you to succeed.

If you have ever seen a YouTube channel or a website explode out of nowhere, this is very likely how that happened!

Let’s say you want to become big in the world of calisthenics. You could then head over to the calisthenics Reddit page and spend some time there posting videos of your skills, answering questions that other people have, and making thoughtful contributions to the community. Maybe you might become a moderator!

Do this enough, and you’ll start to become known in your niche and those circles. This in turn means that people will begin to trust what you have to say. When they hear that you’re creating a brand, they’ll want to check it out for their own sake, and because they’ll want to repay you for all the advice and information you’ve given them over the years.

In short, you can come out of the gate with a gigantic amount of support already behind you!

Number 7: Write a Book

If you have something to say, get an agent and seek out a publisher. A book will give you huge exposure AND massive credibility. Just look at Tim Ferriss or any of the countless other authors that have become massive online influencers.

Books can also lead to other impressive opportunities that further your growth. For example, the author Ross Edgely who wrote “The World’s Fittest Book” now has a social media account with over a million followers AND makes regular appearances on the cover of Men’s Health and numerous high profile TV shows.

Imagine what that kind of exposure could do for you as an influencer, for your brand, and for your website traffic!

Number 8: Get Qualified

Another strategy is to get qualified. That means becoming an expert in your chosen field, which will immediately mean that people take you more seriously. You’ll find that people are more likely to listen to your advice AND that other brands and creators are happier to endorse you and to recommend your advice.

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