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Table of Contents

Introduction ….. 6
Success Starts With Domain Name Marketing …. 7
Chapter 1: How To Use Domain Name Marketing …. 8
The Importance Of Selecting a Domain Name …. 9
Chapter 2: Marketing Your Domain Name …. 11
Making Your Domain Name Searchable .. 12
Search Engines Like Domain Name Marketing .. 13
Chapter 3: Using Domain Name Marketing To Increase your Business 15
Using Keywords In Your Domain Name … 16
Your Domain Name Could Be Bad For Business 17
Chapter 4: Buying a Domain Name The Right Way 19
Buying a Domain Name For Personal Or Business …… 21
Tips For Domain Name Buying ….. 22
Buying Domain Names For a Profitable Online Business ……. 24
Chapter 5: Make Money Online With Domain Names …… 27
Making Money Off Your Domains .. 29
Making Money Selling Domain Names …. 30
Making Money With Parking Domain Services … 32
Notes Of Caution With Domain Parking …. 34
Chapter 6: Choosing a Good Domain Name .. 35
To Brand or Not To Brand …. 36
Hyphens or No Hyphens …… 37
Using Abbreviations … 37
Choosing The Perfect Domain Name……. 37
Chapter 7: Expired Domain Name – What’s It All About . 39
Expired Domain Name Traffic ……. 41
Expired Domains: Outrageously Effective Traffic Generation Technique ……. 43
Conclusion …… 46

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Chapter 1: How To Use Domain Name Marketing

A domain name is your way of being identified on the internet.

The name that you choose will determine how many potential clients or customers you will have.

You need to be very careful what name you select as it will be used to describe your business. Don’t use a name that does not reflect on the products you sell or the service that you provide.

Choosing a domain name is vital to any online business. When you use email marketing to attract your potential customers your domain name will be the name that the recipient will see.

When you use domain name marketing to increase your business income you will need to spend a little extra time determining what group of people you will want to reach the most.

If you have a product for teens, you don’t necessarily need to sell it to adults. You need to know how to grab their attention.

Your domain name will speak for your business and provide the email recipient with the information they need to determine if they will delete your email or open it.

If you are not sure what to select as your domain name you may want to hire someone who works on domain name marketing.

These agencies can be found online and can help you determine what domain name would be right for you based on the information you provide to them regarding your product descriptions and what your goal is. Domain name marketing is the best way to get the word out.

The Importance Of Selecting a Domain Name

Selecting the right name for your website is the most important step you can take when starting your own business.

The name will tell people what you have to offer and will help them decide if they are interested in looking further. There are several ways you can select your domain name to bring in your customers.

If you are starting your first website, you may feel overwhelmed by the many choices that you have to make. Make yourself a list to help you get started.

First of all, you want to write down all the products or services you will be offering. Determine what age group or groups these products would benefit the most.

After you determine these factors, choose your name that will combine both the products and the age group to create a successful domain name.

When you create your name, you need to convince others to visit your site by domain name marketing.

How you market your domain name may be through visiting sites that offer similar products or paying for an advertisement on another

popular site. All the customers who visit the well-established website will see your ad and click on it.

Usually, the ad does not cost very much to advertise for one month. Do your research to see who offers a better deal.

You may also want to try email marketing. Sending emails to everyone you know can increase your traffic to your website and increase your sales. Offer discounts for every customer they bring to your site as an incentive to visit your store.

Chapter 2: Marketing Your Domain Name

You have created a domain name for your website and now you need to drive customers to your website.

No one knows that your website even exists unless you advertise your business and what you have to offer. To do that you will have to be willing to devote some quality time to get your name out to everyone you can.

There are a few things you need to determine before you get started. Decide if your business or products will help the young, teens, or adults. Will it help women or men Will it provide a short-term solution where someone will be purchasing from you frequently or will it provide a long-term solution?

These questions need to be answered to provide the best domain name and to reach the most compatible customers?

Once you have answered the questions it is time to start marketing your website by using your domain name.

You will need to advertise on other sites that are similar to yours. Most of these websites require that you pay for advertising, but the cost is usually affordable, and you get your business advertised to twice as many people then if tried another method of advertising.

If you don’t want to pay for advertisements, you may want to try email marketing. When you are preparing your email to send make sure you display your domain name somewhere in the subject so your email recipient will know who the email is from and who may be sending future emails to them.

The best marketing system will be determined by your business and what you want to offer.

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