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{The term distance learning simply refers to an educational process that is devoid of the conventional educational setting of a classroom and a teacher or lecturer. As a student of a distance learning program, you will be taught using various media. Distance learning is simply learning done at a distance.|Distance learning varies in definition from person to person. For some people, distance learning refers to a process of learning through the Internet. People who take up distance learning as a mode of learning do not have a teacher physically present to teach them, but they still get the full benefit of what ought to be taught to normal students. |Distance learning is an educational process that has been in existence since the early forties. Distance learning initially commenced using the mail system to relay learning materials and to receive students test and assignment. Modernization has ensured that distance learning is easier, faster and more versatile.}

{Some people perceive distance learning as a process that is initiated and completed on the Internet. The Internet has made it possible for the tentacles of distance learning to be extended further than it was before. However, the media through which distance learning is actualized is not restricted to the Internet alone.|Distance learning is especially ideal for people whose personal and work life leaves them with barely enough time to catch their breath. As a worker, you can further your education without jeopardizing your job, thanks to distance learning. You may opt for distance learning if time to go back to school is a luxury you cannot afford.}

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