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Part 1- Digital Photography Basics – (254 Words)
Part 2- Digital Cameras And The Benefits – (260 Words)
Part 3- Combination Digital Cameras—Not So New – (251 Words)
Part 4- The Basics Of Digital Imaging – (314 Words)
Part 5- The Basics Of Digital Imaging – (220 Words)

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Digital imagine is the reason that taking digital photos is so worth while. Without the right imagery taking digital photos wouldn’t be worth the time. The days are gone when you had to use the heavy, metal cameras that needed to be dragged from one place to another. These days, digital cameras are smaller, lighter, and more compact than ever before. In fact, many of these tiny digital wonders can fit inside of your back pocket or purse with little to no effort at all.
Keeping in with this trend, the huge selection that we now of digital imaging equipment is both useful and practical when you have to begin choosing between them. There is no doubt that it makes it easier for you to get a good buy on your next digital camera however it also makes it extremely hard to choose which sections are best for you and what your skill level is along with your needs. You must learn however that if you take just a bit of time to do basic research ahead of time, it should be easy for you to evaluate the major contenders and to make an educated choice when you get to buying your camera.
When you are choosing a digital camera to purchase, there are a few major things that you need to think of. The first decision that you have to make is going to be based around your overall camera needs. You have to think of how often you will be using the camera and where you will be taking the majority of your pictures. Also, you need to think about how important composition and resolution really are to you. This is usually based on what you plan to do with your pictures once they are taken.

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