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{The most credible source of diabetes information in the United States is the American Association of Diabetes. Here you will learn all there is to learn about diabetes, including the type of diet to stick to, what works and what doesn’t work, the latest and best diabetes treatment and a host of other important things. |For lovers of vegetable oil, it’s time to give it up because it’s not very good for diabetes. Instead of vegetable oil, use canola or olive oil. These are much better and will help keep your diabetes under control. |If you want the best dieticians or doctors in your area to help you with your diabetes, contact the American Association of Diabetes. They will direct you to the best nurses, doctors, health care experts and dietitians on diabetes. }

{A friend of mine that has diabetes said he’s somewhat happy about it. He said he’s now forced to do those things he has always known he should be doing but was not doing and he has stopped doing all those things he knew he should stop doing but was still doing… all thanks to diabetes. Wow, what a way to look at it. This is a really positive attitude that can do everyone a whole world of good, if you look at it that way.|Instead of adopting an attitude of “it’s over for me”, why not see diabetes as a unique opportunity for you to live life to the fullest. You can see it as an opportunity to be able to take full charge of your life and take full charge of what you eat, drink and how you live. With diabetes, you can’t take things for granted anymore. You can now better take care of your life and live much longer and healthier than you probably should have – because you are now much more careful. }

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