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Table Of Contents

Chapter 1:
Visions that Work – Realizable Visions
Chapter 2:
Building Your Vision – What Would You Need?
Chapter 3:
Passionate Thinking Vs Rational Thinking
Chapter 4:
Taking Your First Strides toward Reaching Your Goals
Chapter 5:
Getting People to Envision with You
Chapter 6:
Like Noah to Your People
Chapter 7:
The Roadblocks and the Cynics
Chapter 8:
From a Visionary to a Leader
Chapter 9:
Reaching Your Goals – Does Your Vision End there?
Chapter 10:
Visions 2.0 – New Trends for the New Millennium

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What are the ingredients you would need to establish a great vision?

Building a Vision – What Would You Need?

Everything has certain requirements. Building visions have those requirements as well. So, what are the things you would need to equip yourself with in order to make clear visions in your life?

Listen to Your Inner Calling

Everyone has an inner voice, but only few of us can hear it. The inner voice tells all of us what it wants us to do. It tells us what we want in life. You can hear your inner voice at any time, and the more responsive you are toward it, the more clearly you can hear it.

Start with an Idea

You need inspiration to begin. Again, this inspiration can come from anywhere. You might read something and think that there’s something you want to do. You might see something somewhere and get inspired. Something you read in the paper might give you an idea to visualize something new that you can do. Keep your mind receptive to all such ideas. Don’t shun possibilities; think over them and see what you would like to achieve.

Be Innovative; Be Outrageous

They did not put humans on the moon by being conventional. Someone thought of it and when they thought of it, everyone else considered it to be outrageous. Global businesspeople did not do it while everyone was agreeing with them all the way. They took bold steps and followed them through. They thought new things and did not listen to other people’s detractions about them. They hung on, and achieved. You have to be outrageous too. And you have to be innovative.

Don’t Follow, Lead

When you establish your vision, you must have one thing clear in your mind. You cannot be a follower; you have to be a leader. It is your vision. It is something you want to make your own. So you need to be a leader, a pioneer.

See Things Your Way and Stick to It

Consider an artist who paints pictures. Artists are visionaries. They take the most mundane things in life and ‘see’ it their way and then ‘show’ it to others. Artists have a canvas on which they paint their visions. When an artist sees something and wants to paint it, they already have envisioned it in their mind’s eye, much before it takes form on the canvas. You have to be that way too. Your vision will be built in your mind – it will be something that only you will be able to see at that time – but then you have to bring it on your canvas. You have to make sure you bring it on canvas. If all the great artists had died without putting their visions on canvas, the world would have been bereft of all these wonderful paintings. Make sure your vision doesn’t die with you. You have to determine yourself to realize it so that you can ‘show’ it to others.


We can think as far as we can, but things that hold us back are the confinements of this practical world that we live in. How can we overcome this impediment?

Passionate Thinking Vs Rational Thinking

Imagine that you want to build something that has never been built. It will be something that will benefit humankind in several poignant ways. But, at present, you don’t even have proper funds to pay your monthly home installments. Will you ever be able to build that thing? This happens with each and every one of us. We build visions in our mind, even talk with our friends about it, but then we have to stifle them because of something as trivial as lack of money.

If this is something that is holding you back, you have to read the Law of Attraction. Here you realize that nothing is impossible. The limitations are only in our mind. But, if we try vigorously to achieve something, if we think consistently about having something, if we want something so bad that we can taste it, we shall surely have it.

This Law repudiates all conventional definitions of rational thinking that we have been fed upon. People tell us not to think more than our means because we won’t be able to attain those things and we are just wasting our time. But, should we stifle our passion on account of that?

Should we stifle our mind’s utmost desires, however outrageous they are, just because people tell us they do not fit in the present day world?

This is where we need to understand the difference between passionate thinking and rational thinking. When we are thinking passionately about something, we are trying to put our innermost desires out in the front. We aren’t thinking about the limitations. According to the Law of Attraction, if we think about our desires too strongly, nothing can stop us from achieving them.

Rational thinking, though it might seem the proper way to think in the world we live in, is confining. It restrains us to what other people have achieved and we merely follow in their footsteps.

If we want to become a visionary, we need to let our emotions move ahead of us.

“It is appalling to see how most people with sight don’t have a vision.”

Helen Keller


Action must supplement our thoughts; if not, the thoughts go to waste.

Taking Your First Strides toward Reaching Your Goals

You have now been coerced into thinking as unlimitedly as possible. Since there shouldn’t be any boundaries on the goals you set yourself, your visions may seem insurmountable to most, but they shouldn’t seem that way to you, because now you have to begin realizing them.

Make an Assessment of What You Will Need

This is your primary step. Sit down and analyze what you will need to bring your plan to fulfillment. This could be a very tall order – the things that you will need might seem unattainable to you at present. This is step one of the process, though, and most people fail at this. However, don’t restrict yourself. Make a list of the things you will need, however much difficult they seem at present.

Make an Assessment of What You Have

You will already have a few things that will be useful in the accomplishment of your goal. You might not be able to see them probably, but these things will be with you. Sit down and think. Maybe you know someone indirectly who can help you with something. Maybe you are eligible for a financing option that you don’t know about. Maybe you have some materials that you can use for building an initial model of whatever you are thinking about. Think in depth about what you already have. It brings you closer to your goal.

Read, Research and Reread

Reading is important. See what other people have done in similar circumstances. Read about the lives of famous people. See what you can do. This can give you a lot of inspiration.


Now, it is time to build your strategies. How will you go through in your mission of accomplishing your vision? What will help you and what won’t? Set milestones for yourself. See how you can reach from milestone A to milestone B. Every step might need strategies. If you are zealous about this, you will be soon having a proper blueprint of how you can go about things. Again, remember that you must not restrict yourself.

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