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Table Of Contents


Chapter 1: Introduction

Chapter 2: The Importance Of Finding Your Purpose

Chapter 3: Figure Out What Activities You Love

Chapter 4: Figure Out What Emotions You Want Others To Feel

Chapter 5: Examine Your Life So Far And How You Feel About It

Chapter 6: Understanding Your Core Values

Chapter 7: Find Your Natural Gifts

Chapter 8: Learn To Listen To Your Inner Voice

Wrapping Up

Learn To Put All Of These Things Together For A Life Path

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Chapter 2:

The Importance Of Finding Your Purpose


If you think about it, we all spend our entire lifetime just trying to figure out the purpose of our lives and afterwards just trying to walk the path that leads us there. And at some level, that is the ultimate objective of our lives, to find the purpose of our life and to obtain it.


An ancient belief states that a new born child is perfect in every manner of life and we spent our entire lives to return to that level of perfection. At the time of birth, a child is pure, there is no fear, and is innocent and has limitless abilities for anything and is bounded only to the creator of the world. A young child loves the wonders of life and lives life to its fullest. At that age you were truly like a light, you had nothing to bind you and had unlimited potential to achieve anything.

Most of us loose this natural ability of ours with the increasing age and loose the greatest gift that we were born with and that is the state in which we were slave to no one and could follow any path for our life based on our own choice and reach to the destination that we have decided for ourselves. We lose our natural innocence and become someone who is full of selfishness, greed and fear. This behavior never represents the natural human characteristics but is a result of what we become after we leave the natural innocence behind us and spend our days in the world carelessly and because of our own wounds that we receive in this experience of our lives. Only those who have seen pain and have suffered from it can cause others pain. Only people who have no feelings left in their hearts can make others cry with pain.

Chapter 3:

Figure Out What Activities You Love


The whole sense and the reason behind our lives is to find the truth behind our birth and to eventually reach there after all the efforts to get success and satisfaction in life.

And to be honest, I can assure you that your life will take various sudden turns only to help you with the task of becoming what you are supposed to and what you always wanted to be. The life will throw many strange situations, people and circumstances to let you show how brilliant you are and it allows you to discover your true potential.

What Inspires

More than often, you don’t learn everything in life easily and there are always some painful experiences in the path of life that goes to your destiny. Only those people who have seen the worst of life are the ones who enjoyed the life in its real meaning.

Those of us who know what it’s like to be hurt are the ones who are always there to help others in their pain. Those who have seen disrespect in their life are mostly the ones who are more practical in life and are passionate about life. We don’t like to suffer in any situation but this is a reality that the suffering does us many favors; it gives us the real life lessons and makes us a stronger person with a heart that understands the pain of other people.

The suffering allows us to see the world as it is meant to be and we find out how good it is to know the functioning of the world around us, and loose all the lies and remorse from our heart. And only when we have emptied our heart from all the negative things, we can fill in again with the things that we want to cherish like the sweet memories, love, compassion, care. All of our troubles can turn differently in our own favor if we take just a few wise decisions.

“Where you stumble, there your treasure lies.” – Joseph Campbell.

This book is about making you realize how great destiny you have stored in your future and what you can do to reach there. You have to make it the purpose of your life that you move in the direction of your dreams and destination. Anyone can help you in this by making you realize how to open up to yourself and how to discover yourself but it is you who has to walk the path of destiny.

You have to know that you are a human and you have to face your limitations every single day and confront your fears on a regular basis, but this is something that you have to do in order to learn the experiences of life.

Once you reach your destiny there is no more fear, no more limitations and you have the ability to use your full potential by knowing it. Every single day of your life is a platform for you to make some progress in the right direction towards your destiny and make it a little closer and clearer to you than yesterday.

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