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Part 1: What Is Data Entry? – (318 Words)
Part 2: How To Find A Data Entry Job – (318 Words)
Part 3: Data Entry Tools – (316 Words)
Part 4: Freelance Data Entry – (315 Words)
Part 5: Advancements In Data Entry – (314 Words)

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Do you think that you would like to work in the data entry field? How can you find a data entry job for yourself? Well, first you need to know what data entry involves and what employers will typically look for. A data entry person is someone who will enter data through a keyboard for a particular company or business. The type of data will vary according to the company but it could be profiles of employees, customers, patients or information regarding stock and order forms, etc. There are many other things that a company might need you to enter data for.

Employers typically look for data entry personal that are high school graduates and preferably those with some form of typing experience prior. If you have training in word processing or data entry or typing before, it will be a big plus to helping you find a job. Some important skills will include spelling, grammar, punctuation, typing, familiarity with office equipment, etc. All of these things will help you find a data entry job.
Many students can get out of high school and make their first job a data entry job because most high schools teach skills in keyboarding and in the use of word processing, spreadsheet, and database management computer software packages through high schools, community colleges, business schools, temporary help agencies, or self-teaching aids such as books, tapes, and Internet tutorials.
If you have the needed skills you can search in your area for a data entry job. There are many employment agencies that will help place you with a data entry job that you qualify for. You might also check the local newspapers and want ad listings to find a great data entry job. The internet also has many resources to help you find a data entry job.

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