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Table Of Contents


Chapter 1: Introduction

Chapter 2: The Tricks Behind Dancing

Chapter 3: Why Dancing Is The Way To Go For Fat Loss

Chapter 4: Dancing And Exercise Tips

Chapter 5: The Secrets Behind The Kinds Of Movements During Dancing And Weight Loss

Chapter 6: The Types Of Dances Associated With Fat Loss

Chapter 7: The Benefits Of Fat Loss To Health

Chapter 8: How To Avoid Injury

Chapter 9: The Benefits Of Fat Loss To Optimal Health

Wrapping Up

Good Lessons To Be Learned From Fat Loss. Case Study.

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Chapter 5:

The Secrets Behind the Kind of Movements during Dancing and Weight Loss


Dance based workouts have been gaining popularity for a few consistent years now. The reason why a lot of people are getting into it is because it’s a lot more fun compared to the high intensity workout you do with the machines you use at the gym. Dancing is very diverse. There are a lot of different types of dances that one can choose from to fit their style and taste.

Other than being a fun and entertaining workout, dancing is proven to be very effective when it comes to weight loss. As a matter of fact, an hour of dancing will allow you to lose as much as 400 calories. This is the same calories you lose if you swim or cycle.

The Secrets

When choosing the right dance workout, one must consider what they want to work on in their bodies. Some dance moves specialize in targeting a certain body part. Some dances will get you to lose weight and others will help on toning muscles.

These dances can be done everywhere! Most people actually go for some facility that holds workshops like a gym, or weekly social dances. Most social dances are held in large restaurants or bars where people can dance with partners. Other people prefer to do it at home where they don’t risk getting embarrassed.

If you’d like to know the best dance movements that will burn the calories fast, here are some examples:

Belly dancing – this will target your belly fat, and we know you want to lose the stubborn muffin top. Dancing this regularly will help tone your abdominal muscles and you’ll be able to show your flat and sexier belly in no time!

Ballet dancing – Want to tone your muscles but not look bulky? Then this is the dance for you. Not only will you improve your flexibility and have a graceful looking lean body, but you will also have an excuse to wear a tutu!

Hip hop – Have you seen the movie Step Up? If you haven’t, it’s a must see because it will make you want to start dancing! Imagine having the body of the dancers in that movie. That’s motivation enough! Hip hop is a fast paced dance and hits almost all parts of the body. It’s both cardio and strengthening.

Zumba – This is a sexy aerobic workout dance making use of music from Latin America. And we all know Latin American dances like salsa, mambo, tango and flamenco are sensual dances. It’s also high in intensity; so this cardio will help you lose calories really quick.

Hoop Dancing – This interesting dance uses a hula hoop. Yes, that hula hoop toy you played with as a child is the main star of this dance! There are so many tricks you can learn doing the hoop dance and if you assume that it is only good for your abdominal muscles, then that’s where you’re wrong. You can use your hoop to target your arms, hips, legs and even knees!

Chapter 6:

Types of Dances Associated with Fat Loss


Dancing is one of the best ways to lose weight. Almost everyone enjoys dancing; those that don’t might think of themselves a terrible dancer; therefore lacking the confidence to do it. But dancing can be done anywhere, including the comforts of your own home.

With your favorite music on blast, dancing for a good hour with high intensity can easily burn at least 600 calories; imagine how much weight you can lose if you do it 3-4 times a week. It is a fun and fantastic way to raise your heart rate.


There’s no exercise materials involved and there’s also no need to lift weights; but you get all the benefits such as strength, toning, flexibility and of course a sexier looking body! There are also different dances to choose from. Some dance styles are harder than others but if you’re set on using dancing as your cardio workout, then you can try some or all of them until you find something you enjoy the most.

Belly Dancing

Known to be a very sensual dance, every hip movement targets the strengthening of the core muscles. It also works on improving the body’s posture and can prevent any lower back problems. Arms and shoulders are also toned when doing the rippling motions. An hour of belly dancing will burn 300 calories.


This dance is a total body workout using salsa and merengue music. Like other dance workouts, zumba is a fun way to do your cardio. One of the good things about Zumba is that it’s not very repetitive. It has a go with the beat of the music kind of vibe which allows people to feel freer and less routine-like.

Hip Hop

This kind of dance is a form of aerobics but with faster movements. It is also high impact and can help you burn 350 calories per hour. Though it doesn’t help too much when it comes to toning muscles, lifting weights might still be necessary if you want to add strength to your training, it’s still a good form of exercise.

Hoop Dancing

This is probably the only dance exercise that you’d have to do with a tool which is a hula hoop. It’s a unique way to work on your core muscles. For faster weight loss, a heavier hoop should be used but if you want a full dance where you can move faster, a light weight hula hoop should be used. It’s not just going to help tone your abdominal muscles though. Hooping in your arms, shoulders, neck and legs are also done and can be learned in class.

There are more types of dance workouts to choose from. What you need to keep in mind though, for better weight loss results is that a balanced diet is always needed. Though these dances are great cardio, eating unhealthy food will lessen the chances for you to shed those extra pounds. Drinking a lot of water and limiting and eating more fruits and vegetables is the best way to go.

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