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Table Of Contents

1.0 Building Your Own Gold Mine 5
1.1 Virtual Gold Mines – Profitable? 5
1.2 A Word of Thought Before Getting Started 6
2.0 Using Other People’s Products to Build Your Customer List 7
2.1 The Concept 7
2.2 The Pros 8
2.3 The Cons 9
2.4 What Do You Need? 9
2.5 Build Your Customer List – Step-by-Step 10
3.0 Using Your Product to Build Your Customer List 13
3.1 The Concept 13
3.2 The Pros 14
3.3 The Cons 14
3.4 What Do You Need? 15
3.5 Build Your Customer List – Step-by-Step 15
4.0 In Closing 18
4.1 Last Words 18
4.2 Rights Glossary 19
Recommended Resources 21

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1.0 Building Your Own Gold Mine

Dear Valued Reader,

Congratulations! Thank you for investing in this manual. Within the coming pages, I will detail out to you how you – or anyone – can build your very own highly responsive list consisting of the best type of prospects there is –willing-to-pay customers!

It fascinates me even now as I write this because I’m more than convinced that anyone can easily achieve this if done right. It doesn’t matter whether you fancy using other people’s products you acquire the Resell Rights to or that you crave creating your own digital products.

And you don’t have to be technically savvy or own a membership site to achieve this, either!

Regardless of whichever way is your cup of tea, there’s a temperament for every marketer but ultimately, I’ll be showing you how you can build your own list of responsive customers at warp speed in the fastest time possible using ingenious methods not many had really thought of!

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