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{You may be getting ready to file for bankruptcy. But are you aware that the Bankruptcy Abuse prevention and consumer protection Act of 2005 has made it obligatory for people like you to be given credit counseling? What this means is that you must be encouraged to go for counseling before you apply for bankruptcy. |When it comes to filing for bankruptcy it is important that a debtor comprehends all the options available to him or her before going headlong to file for bankruptcy. It is for this reason that the Bankruptcy Act is established and the same Act made it compulsory for all debtors to undergo counseling. |Are you contemplating on filing for bankruptcy? Do you know that by law you are expected to go for credit counseling program? Then I will have you know that sometimes people get bad counseling that further put them into more problems. Hence there are some rules that govern credit counseling and these you can’t afford not to know. }

{Do you want to avoid the pitfalls most debtors fall to? Then read this: you must complete your pre-bankruptcy credit counseling program that spans for one hundred and eighty days before filing for bankruptcy. Failure to complete this session within the stipulated period will result to the bankruptcy court dismissing your petition. |If ever you allow the bankruptcy court to dismiss your case of filing for bankruptcy then you will not get the respite that should be due you from your creditors. When this happens it means your lenders can take any means such as legal action against you to get their money from you. When your case is dismissed it means you are no longer protected against your creditors.}

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- Total Words: 7,081
- Spun Level: Paragraph (Each Paragraph Re-written 3 Times)
- Made super spinnable in the most common spin syntax - { | }
- Written manually by a professional human
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