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{First, skin care is mainly about taking good care of your skin so that it will be healthy and glow all the time.|Firstly, one of the ways people use in finding out who we are on the INSIDE is to take a good look at our skin; so, to leave a good “first impression” all the time, you should always make a deliberate effort to take good care of your skin. |First off, your skin is the largest organ of your body… take good care of it and it will take good care of you; neglect it and you will suffer the consequences.|Foremost, skin care takes more than applying lotions and creams; we need to reach deeper and take care of our skin from within because “as within so is without” – if we eat the right foods and do the right things, our skin will glow on the outside.|First of all, it’s a fact that our skin is the first line of defense for the body; every effort should be made therefore to keep this “first line of defense” as healthy as possible so that it can be powerful enough to defend the rest of the body… especially internally. |To begin with, don’t listen to all what the commercials say about why you need the next big and new sophisticated skin care product; they are more interested in selling their products than helping you to achieve the perfect skin.|To start with, your skin should receive most of the care you can give it because it’s more exposed to the environmental toxins as it performs its duty of protecting the internal organs; in other words, you should “feed the goose that lays the golden eggs”.|First and foremost, if you take good care of your skin, it can slow down the aging process; that’s why you find many middle age people still looking like they are in their early twenties.|First things first, as important as skin care products are, basic cleanliness can help you get good looking skin; if you buy all the best and most expensive skin care products out there without religiously cleaning your skin, you are wasting your time as you can’t achieve the good-looking skin you desire.|Before anything else, as important as water is to life, so also is water to your skin; drinking a lot of water is one of the most recommended methods you can take, personally, to take care of your skin.}

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