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Benefits vs. Features . 7
Graphic Devices and Font Styles .. 9
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Benefits vs. Features

Many novice copywriters focus on features rather than benefits. Customers don’t want to know about the features of a product. They want to know what it will do for them! Let’s say you are selling a cell phone. Features of that phone might be:

· 60 hours of talk time per battery charge

· Built-in web cam

· Built-in email

These are features. They aren’t really enough to get someone to buy. But you can turn those features into benefits quickly and easily.

“With 60 hours of talk time, the Nohkeeah 5555 will keep you in touch with your friends and family three times longer than a standard cell phone. And with a built-in web cam and email at the touch of a button, you can get intimate with your loved ones faster and easier than ever.”

Benefits are what most people really care about. Sure, they want to know the technical specs of a product. But they want to know what those specs mean to them!

Let’s look at how to translate features into benefits:

Feature: Built-in calorie counter

Benefit: Never go over your daily calorie count again!

Feature: Glow in the dark buttons

Benefit: Never lose your remote in a dark room!

Feature: Vibration setting

Benefit: Don’t miss an important call because your ringer is turned off in church or a meeting!

Any feature can be turned into a benefit with a little creativity.

Speak to your audience and they will respond!

Graphic Devices and Font Styles

Reading long blocks of plain text is incredibly boring and really hard on the eyes. It’s important to break things up a bit and make things easier to read.

Many people prefer to skim. Their eyes skim over a page and pick out interesting points. They can’t easily do that if all of the text is similar.

To break things up, you should use various graphic devices. You can use things like bullet points (which are great for calling attention to benefits) and different types of font styling like italics and bold. You can also use styles like underline and highlights to call attention to important text.

Also, be certain to break text up into smaller sections. Reading very long paragraphs at once is not easy, and most people prefer to see text in much smaller chunks. This will help skimmers get through things easily, and it will help readers continue reading without getting frustrated.


You should try to be as descriptive and exciting as possible without using a lot of technical terms or industry speak. You’ll obviously want to make sure your text isn’t boring, but you should also take care not to use a lot of big words that your readers might not understand.

When you use technical terms, many of your readers won’t understand what they mean. For example, instead of saying “10 megapixel resolution” you could say something like “ultra high-resolution images for perfect images every time”. Try to write as though you are speaking directly to the reader. Don’t write as though you are writing an advertisement. Instead, pretend as though you’re writing a letter to a good friend.

Don’t say “the top of the line microprocessor brings blazing fast speed”. Instead, say “this computer is so fast it will process commands faster than you can blink!”

Swipe Files

One of the best things you can do is to put together a swipe file of effective copy and study it. Find copy you really like and copy it down word for word by hand. Don’t type it, but grab a pen and paper and write it down.

When you write it down by hand, it will soon become second nature to you. The act of writing with a pen helps cement the process in your mind much better than typing.

You can also look at copy for examples. Don’t copy them, but use them for ideas. You can get inspiration or headlines, bullet points, and even ideas for stylizing text from existing copy you know is successful.

Don’t worry that you are somehow plagiarizing. As long as you only use the copy for general ideas and practice, there is no problem. All of the top copywriters have swipe files they turn to for ideas and inspiration! After all, everyone needs a little help now and then, and looking at top of the line examples of copy is perfect for getting the creative juices flowing.

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