Coping With Cancer Plr Ebook

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Defining Cancer
Risk Factors
Breast Cancer
Ovarian Cancer
Lung Cancer
Pancreatic Cancer
Colorectal Cancer
Environmental Concerns
Diet as a Contributor to Cancers
Cancer Fighting Foods
About Chemotherapy
Radiation Therapy
Homeopathy and Cancer

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Defining Cancer

Basic Facts About Cancer

What is Cancer?

Cancer is a disease wherein cells act abnormally, growing and dividing beyond their usual limits and capabilities. The spread of the aggressive cells then invade, damage and destroy nearby tissues also known as metastasis. These are the three main malignant properties of cancer cells namely aggressive, invasive and quick spreading. Benign cells do not have these properties and are considered relatively safe although they also have the tendency to transform into malignant ones.

Cancer may occur in every individual at every age and has a 13% mortality rate. Animals and plants can also be affected by the deadly disease. Most types of cancers are due to abnormal genetic composition of the malignant cells that can result from environmental factors or congenital anomalies…

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