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Table of Contents

Chapter 1:
The Name of the Game
Chapter 2:
Making Money Out of Anything… Anything!
Chapter 3:
Why You Just Cannot Forget the Internet
Chapter 4:
Build Something Successful
Chapter 5:
Goodwill Hunting and Finding Niches
Chapter 6:
Promoting Your Stuff Online – When Does the Confidence Come?
Chapter 7:
The Power of Viral Marketing
Chapter 8:
Building Your Battalion of Interested People
Chapter 9:
Setting Up Streams of Residual Income
Chapter 10:
Realizing the Power of ‘I Can’

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Build Something Successful

Almost everyone who is a fan of American Idol knows about the various fan sites it has spawned. Most of these sites started off as just fan sites, with no money equation in them at all, but then they got a mind-boggling amount of popularity, which led the makers of these sites to think that they could make money out of them as well, and that’s how a huge monetization option was born.

The same happened with the Harry Potter franchise., one of the almost-official Harry Potter fan sites wasn’t commercial when it started out. It was just a place for people who loved the boy wizard to hang out and know more about him. But then it garnered an astounding amount of popularity and after that, who wouldn’t think of monetizing?

In both these cases, people built something first, not even thinking about money, then made those things popular and then started making money from it. That means, it is actually not necessary for you to make something with money in the picture right from the start. You could even go in later and make money from whatever you have. The one thing that’s needed is to monetize a product is to make it hugely popular.

On the Internet, it is quite easy to make things immensely popular. You have the tool of blogs at your disposal. Make a blog with (a free blogging resource) or (a paid one) and then make it popular. Once your blog becomes popular – i.e. people visit it in large numbers – you can start monetizing it in various ways, such as selling eBooks through it or selling newsletter subscriptions or maybe even building a membership site down the line. Even if you don’t want to go the whole hog, i.e. don’t want to build a blog as yet, you could explore monetizing streams through options like social networking. Make your business (it is time we started calling this a business) popular by building communities, inviting people on them and giving them great information. When people start coming in, various avenues for making money automatically begin opening up for you.


You have started on your monetizing journey. Now, what you need is people who will pay you money!

Goodwill Hunting and Finding Niches

If you don’t target the right people, you will find monetizing anything to be a very much uphill task. After all, how could you make money out of your recipes if you don’t find people who would be willing to spend in order to learn those recipes from you? You see the point – you need to find your niche.

One of the best ways to do that on the Internet is known as Search Engine Optimization, or SEO for short. Chances are that you will already have a modicum of knowledge about SEO if you are dabbling with Internet businesses. If you don’t, here’s what it means. SEO simply means pumping up your website (a blog is a website as well) for the search engines. This is really important because the search engines are through where people are looking for information. When someone wants to know about something, they type in a word or a phrase in a search engine like Google or Yahoo! or Ask. Then, they visit the links that show up. Usually, people only click on the links that appear on the first page and very few go even to the second page. Hence, it becomes very important for someone wanting to become famous on the Internet (and hence monetize something) to figure on the first page of any search engine.

Even if you don’t have websites of your own, you could make posts on other people’s blogs and forums and get a good fan following of your own. Many blog commentators get a lot of responses, thus building fan bases of their own. When they get such a fan base, they go right ahead and build their own blogs or websites and introduce these people to them. This could be a great way to find your niche and earn goodwill among them too, without putting in any investment of your own.

Another way is through article marketing. You could write articles about the subject that you are trying to monetize. These articles could then be put up in places such as,,,,, etc. The best part of submitting your articles to such places if that these places are already popular with the search engines. Hence, if you were to submit some very informative articles here, you could get a large fan following for them. Also, keep in mind that the people who will stumble upon your articles will be people who are actually looking for some kind of information in that particular department.


Monetization happens only when you are confident about what you are selling. Even a fruit seller has to be convinced that his oranges are good or no one would purchase them from him. But you are decidedly going to play at bigger stakes than mere oranges here.

Promoting Your Stuff Online – When Does the Confidence Come?

One of the chief ingredients that you need to sell anything is confidence. That is actually you are looking for. But when does the confidence come?

Your confidence may be present right from the start. When you look at a particular short story you have written or a video you have made explaining a particular way to make bouillabaisse, you might think quite positively that you can make money out of it. Well, you can – there are several ways to go about that. This is the starting point of confidence, but there is a long way to go still.

What you really need to know here is that initial confidence does not stay. What is really important is that your confidence needs to be consolidated. It has to be reinforced. And what reinforces your confidence? It is results that do.

When you see things really happening the way you want them to happen, when you see that you are actually getting the money that you had started out to get, your confidence begins building up.

But it is not just about the money. Results in any form could be instrumental in keeping you moving on. For some people, even a small comment on one of the articles they have written or a blog post that they have made could be enough inspiration to keep going ahead. Try that out. Write something on a blog about a subject of your passion. If you get a reply for that, you understand that at least someone was influenced to some extent by what you commented. It gives you the much-needed shot in the arm to work better.

It could be anything that could motivate you, any kind of result. It could be an increased number of visitors to your blog, it could be people commenting, it could be someone inviting you to a social networking group, it could be someone emailing you, it could be someone asking you something directly about the subject of your expertise… the list could go on. Or, most importantly and you could say ultimately, it could be someone who goes ahead and pays you for what you are trying to sell.

This is what really builds up your confidence. However, you must remember that you have to start out with a modicum of confidence. The ideal situation would be to have unshakeable confidence right from the start, but if that doesn’t seem to happen, you could at least find your motivation in the glories that keep coming your way.

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