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Table of Contents

Chapter 1:
Basics of computer networking
Chapter 2:
Computer networking design and solutions
Chapter 3:
Getting the right computer network hardware.
Chapter 4:
Setting up your computer network
Chapter 5:
Wireless vs wired
Chapter 6:
Cable management for wired computer network
Chapter 7:
Managing your network with network monitoring tools
Chapter 8:
Computer network maintenance and repair
Chapter 9:
Troubleshooting computer network
Wrapping Up

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When it comes to understanding the fundamentals of computer networking the user would have to be able to links several different relevant and connective element to create the ideal computing network. This networking is the proactive of linking two or more computing devices to enable the sharing of data conveniently and safely. Ideally this is achieved with the combined use of both computer hardware and computer software. Get all the info you need here.

Chapter 1: Basics of computer networking

Networks are usually categorized in several different ways and this could span over elements such as the geographics to particular designs it adopts. When it comes to the network designs, this too would differ into two high level types’ referred to as the client server and peer to peer platforms.

The client server networks usually feature around the centralized server computers that will enable to actions of storing emails, web pages, files and applications.

In the peer to peer network, conversely would support the same functions where the server network have all the common elements in business and peer to peer network which would be common to homes.

Network protocols are also something to consider as it has to do with the communication language used by the varying computer devices and this is usually referred to as the protocol.

This is yet another way to differentiate the networks used. Often the networks will implement multiple protocols to support specific application for the convenience of the user as they choose the particular network as their assisting tool.

There are also the wired and wireless networks that can be considered for its various individual contributing factors which would include the likes of Ethernet cables predominated in businesses, schools, and homes for the longest time. Of late however the introduction of the wireless networking alternative has made a favorable impact on the users by far.

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