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ClickBank – The Good, The Bad, The ugly

ClickBank – The Good

I love ClickBank.

Both as a vendor and as an affiliate.

As a vendor, it’s been a great way to attract affiliates and instantly have an affiliate system that tracks sales, provides sales statistics, and what I love best, CB sends out the checks every two weeks so I don’t have to do it.

As an affiliate, I like to be able to find all kinds of downloadable digital products in a wide variety of market niches to offer my newsletter readers and visitors to my websites and blogsites too.

If you don’t already have a ClickBank account, you can get a free affiliate account by clicking here – ClickBank

And after you have your free affiliate account, you can always upgrade to a vendor account when you want to offer your own products.

ClickBank – The Bad

One of the problems we all face using ClickBank is how some people will work very hard to discover what a product’s vendor name is so they can construct their own affiliate link, click on their own link and then purchase the product at a discount, thus cheating the vendor from full profit or an affiliate from making their deserved referral commission.

ClickBank – The Ugly

Here’s how we’re going to spend the rest of this report together.

I’m going to show you how to take the “ugly” out of ClickBank affiliate links and vendor order links so your links don’t have that “ugly” affiliate look to them and so your vendor order links don’t show your vendor nickname during the ordering process.

Both of these “ugly” situations are costing you money, whether you’re an affiliate or a vendor.

Let’s get going on the next page…

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