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Table of Contents

Chapter 1:
The Basics Of Self Control
Chapter 2:
Identify Where Your Life Is Out Of Control
Chapter 3:
How Your Thoughts Affect Your Life
Chapter 4:
Learn To Think Positive
Chapter 5:
Using Affirmations
Chapter 6:
Learn To Get Rid Of Bad Habits
Chapter 7:
The Benefits Of Command And Control
Chapter 8:
Staying Motivated To Command And Control Your Mind
Chapter 9:
Staying On Track
Chapter 10:
Making Resolutions For Command And Control

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Chapter 1:


The Basics Of Self Control


Self Control touches on almost all aspects of happy and healthy living; exercising, eating right, avoiding alcohol and drugs, working harder, studying more and spending less. Self control or willpower is something that separates humans from our ancient ancestors as well as from the rest of those who belong to the animal kingdom. Instead of responding to our immediate impulses, human beings can evaluate, has the ability to plan and can avoid doing things that they will regret in the future.

There are times that people lose their self-control which makes things more complicated. Obtaining self-control is a crucial ingredient in being successful in any field or facet of life that we engage in. Willpower can actually mean the difference between creating good impressions and creating a really terrible one. This can also greatly change your life and the lives of others.

Self Control

Self-control is not all about having control on the things that you want to do; it is also about having enough control of the things that goes into your mind. Everything actually starts within your mind, so if you are able to control your mind, you will also become more successful in achieving self-control.

People must also learn how to choose their thoughts, in the same way they select the clothes to wear every day. Controlling your thoughts is an essential component of a successful self-control endeavor. It is a great power that you can always cultivate. If you really want to control the things in your life that are not so good, you have to work on your mind; that is the only things that you must be trying to control.

Two Principles of Self-Control


One of the most important ways for you to understand anything within your life is actually to observe. The moment that you begin to observe something is also the moment that you start understanding how it works. People love to observe other individuals, but they rarely pay attention toward observing their own selves. Many people are more likely to think that they just act the way they are doing and there is nothing they can do to change, but they really don’t have time understanding themselves.

Being successful in achieving self control must begin within us. We need to understand ourselves first. It’s just the same as a man asking out a woman.

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