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Table of Contents


Chapter 01 – What is Addiction?

Chapter 02 – Recognizing the Addiction

Chapter 03 – Finding Help and Support

Chapter 04 – Understanding the Need for Therapy

Chapter 05 – Check into Treatment Centers

Chapter 06 – How is Gaming Addiction Dangerous?

Chapter 07 – Be Careful Not to Get Hooked

Chapter 08 – How to Know if You Can Handle it Yourself?

Chapter 09 – Beating the Addiction Before it Starts

Chapter 10 – Drawing a Line


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Gaming addiction has two classifications but both classifications have similar effects to the behavior of a person. Some people call it computer addiction because it occurs in the presence of computers where several kinds of addictive video and online games are available. Some individuals call it internet addiction because most examples of games that are available in computers nowadays are connected or accessible on the internet. Every year, new versions of these addictive games are appearing in computers and internet to attract computer users. Actually, there’s nothing wrong in enjoying this kind of application in computers. However, too much exposure to such hobby is bad for the overall health of a person, most especially to the brain.

Gaming addition can make a person irresponsible. Some individuals are already neglecting their responsibilities in life because of this type of addiction. Some students are no longer attending to their classes in schools and universities because of video and online games. Some workers are already losing their good performance and productivity at work because of this serious problem. Its worst effect to human beings is the fact that it can destroy the harmonious and strong relationship of a person to a family.

Gaming addiction can change the overall personality and behavior of a person. Those individuals who are very kind and industrious will turn to lazy and violent individuals once exposed to several kinds of online and video games for several hours and days. It is really hard to control the negative effects of this problem to humans. But if people will already move to stop this kind of addiction now, there’s a possibility that one of these days, the regular players of online and video games in computers will already be able to control their extreme desire for to play such games.

Chapter 02 – Recognizing the Addiction


Is it possible to recognize gaming addiction? The answer to this question is a big YES! There are so many ways to determine if a person is already a victim of this type of addiction. Through comprehensive observation and a set of detailed evaluations, a person will be able to determine if an individual is already a gaming addict. Having an ability to recognize this kind of addiction can also help a person avoid its possible causes as time goes by. All people in this world should try to discover the best ways on how to discover this kind of addiction to eliminate its negative effects to human beings faster and more effectively.

As time goes by, the number of online game and video game users is multiplying fast. Millions of people in this world are already using the famous online games and video games on the internet and computers nowadays to satisfy their extreme desire to compete with other players in the different parts of the globe.

Recognize the Addiction

For some individuals, this situation looks normal. However, behind the enjoyable scenes of this situation, several individuals are already losing their real personality and harmonious relationship with their family members because of the bad and destructing effects of the video and online games to their minds and behavior. Some individuals are already willing to kill their own friends and family members just to enjoy these addictive games forever regardless of its possible effects to their daily living and future. As much as possible, this problem must be resolved with the help of a very excellent solution right now to save other individuals who are already at risk of its worst effects.

Gaming addiction is not actually different from any type of substance addiction. It is an unusual behavior wherein a person exhibits extreme desire to play online and video games continuously without considering the importance of education and discipline in their lives. If substance addiction can make a person crazy, this type of addiction can also destroy the mental health of a person. If substances can totally destroy the overall health of a person, gaming addiction can also make the immune system and health of a person weaker. Some users of online games and video games nowadays have already forgotten to proper way of living in this world due to the things that are present in the scenes of the games that their eyes can see in the computers. Hopefully, this problem will no longer continue to grow and destroy the lives of other people.

Chapter 03 – Finding Help and Support


Gaming addicts still deserve a second chance to live normally in this world. It is true that spending too much time to online and video games can make a person crazy in the end. The best solution to apply in order to stop the negative effects of this addiction to the human beings is not to blame the gaming addicts. The act of blaming the individuals who got addicted to online and video games is not the best solution to use in order to stop the effects of gaming addiction to human beings.

A set of education and rehabilitation programs will be the best solution to the negative effects of gaming addiction to human beings. These programs will help the gaming addicts to change the path of their lives in a good way for their own welfare. The rehabilitation programs of gaming addicts should focus on the different ways on how to remove the extreme desire or interest of a person to video and online games. In this program, the negative effects of this type addiction must be explained to the patients to educate them more effectively and to motivate them to quit permanently in such type of addictive activity for the rest of their lives. Only a dedicated support group for gaming addiction can perform these kinds of programs for the gaming addicts.

Find a Support Group

Is it possible to change the paths of gaming addicts in a good way to provide them with a brighter future? Well of course it is possible. A support group for gaming addicts is already available in the different parts of the globe to help the family members of those individuals who got addicted to online games and video games in protecting the future of their loved ones against the negative effects of this type of addiction.

When is the right time to ask for the assistance of a support group for gaming addiction? If one of your family members is already spending more than four hours to computer games, it’s a sign that something is wrong. Try to spend more attention on the behavior of that person but be careful in making your final judgments. It is because such action can make the problem worst when not properly executed. A support group for this type of an addiction is a team that aims to eliminate the negative effects of gaming addiction to human beings.

A support group can help the family members of gaming addicts in the process of resolving the problems that were caused by this type of addiction to their relationship with their loved ones. This team provides several kinds of rehabilitation programs for gaming addicts. Their rehabilitation programs were designed to give the gaming addicts a second chance to live better in this world for the rest of their lives. The team can change their paths in life by helping them to motivate themselves to quit permanently from the use of online and video games.

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