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Table of Contents

Introduction – The Coach/Mentor-Protégé Relationship
What IS Coaching Or Mentoring?
A Brief History of Coaching & Mentoring
Chapter 1 – Benefits of a Protégé
It’s a Two-Way Street
Sharper skills
A fresh outlook
Free labor
Career development
Higher self-image
Personal satisfaction
Mentoring: Do you have what it takes?
Communication and rapport
Insider information
Experience and balance
Honesty and integrity
Chapter 2 – The Benefits To Your Protégé
New opportunities
A non-threatening learning experience
Improved self-confidence
A straighter path to success
Long term relationships and networking opportunities
Chapter 3 – Where to Look For Them
Your company
Other companies or industry segments
Mentoring programs
College interns
Chapter 4 – Choosing Your Protégé
Ingredients of a good protégé
Aligning your goals
Background checks-do you need them?
How to check references
The protégé interview
Avoiding lawsuits
Creating a contract with your protégé
Chapter 5 – Vital Communication
When, Where, and How: Communication Basics
Primary communication
Creating a schedule
Fostering Clear Communication
Conversation skills
Personal interface: Your body language
Better written communication
Chapter 6 – Working With Your Protégé
Stages of a mentorship
Pitfalls of mentoring
Defining goals
Creating a personal vision statement
Making time for mentoring: the balancing act
Drawing the line
Chapter 7 – The Exit Strategy
Meeting goals
Moving on
Keeping in touch
Chapter 8 – Coaching In Multiples
Diversifying: Different protégés for different purposes
Part time mentoring
Group mentoring
Chapter 9 – How To Do All Again
Referrals from your protégés
After-retirement mentoring
Final thoughts
Appendix: How to Be a Professional Altruist
Marketing Resources

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Introduction – The Coach/Mentor-Protégé


What Exactly IS Coaching or Mentoring?

There are few experiences more rewarding than teaching what you know to someone else. The mentor-protégé relationship is perhaps the ultimate teaching experience: a one-on-one transfer of accumulated knowledge and wisdom designed to benefit both parties involved.

Protégés are a common occurrence in the business world today. Experienced people in every industry often decide to “adopt” a protégé-whether the arrangement is through a formal mentoring program, or an informal mutual decision to take a new employee “under your wing” and show him the ropes. The reasons to enter into a mentor-protégé relationship are many, but the most common is when the protégé candidate shows promise from the start. Mentorprotégé relationships can be either formal or informal.

Informal mentoring relationships often develop on their own, with the more experienced person offering advice and assistance and the newcomer taking that advice to heart. Many organizations have formal mentoring programs, which can be either within the company or within the industry.

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