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Table of Contents

Chapter 1:
Astrology Basics
Chapter 2:
The History of Astrology
Chapter 3:
Zodiac Signs Basics
Chapter 4:
Zodiac Sign Houses Basics
Chapter 5:
Characteristics of Different Zodiac Signs
Chapter 6:
Characteristics of Different Zodiac Sign Houses
Chapter 7:
Tools Used in Astrology
Chapter 8:
Astrology in Folk Talks
Chapter 9:
Variations Per Region
Chapter 10:
What the Critics and Proponents Have to Say

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Chapter 2:

The History of Astrology


The knowledge about Astrology had started thousands years ago. The concepts about it came from different cities and countries wherein each of them contributed to the overall perception of people in the present generation.

What Is It

Astrology Defined

Astrology is composed of various divination systems according to the premise about the human world events and astronomical phenomena relationship. Several cultures had integrated astronomical events’ essence.

The Chinese, Mayans, and Indians had created the elaborate systems in prediction of terrestrial events coming through celestial observations.

In some of the Western countries, astrology is usually comprised of the horoscope system that explains the aspects of the personality of a person; at the same time, it predicts future events according to the positions of moon, sun and planetary objects during their birth.

The Transition of Astrology

In ancient Babylonia, Astrology has been practiced by priests for deciphering the gods’ will. From here, the Greeks adopted it and they rely on the oracles and stars to forecast the events in the future.

The Indian Hindus had explored it from 5000BC to 3000BC. They developed some similar signs that people are now using in the present.

The Egyptians were the ones who used astrology for the first time in foretelling the person’s character according to his or her birth date. Way back 4300 BC in Egypt, the star charts were discovered. Chinese developed the astrology system in 2800 BC.

Greeks had influenced the astrology of the Egyptians through what they had learned from Babylonians. On the other hand, Ptolemy had written an astrology book that contains the present practices of using houses, signs and planets.

Astrology had become an essential aspect of various ancient people’s culture. Augustus, the Roman ruler (63 BC to 14 AD) created coins that adorn Capricorn, his astrological zodiac sign. Later on, the Persians and Arabs followed the astrology teachings including other sciences such as medicine and mathematics of the Greek. These practices have been shared with Europeans during the 12th century and paved the way for Renaissance. Most Muslim and Persian astronomers had refuted this concern for religious and scientific reasons.

The Decline

Astrology started to decline in its popularity after the fall of Rome. Christians claimed that it has been a devil’s work, as Church had grown in power; these people had taken up the astrology practice for personal uses. For instance, St. Thomas Aquinas believed that planets are controlling all things. During the Renaissance period, astrology became favorable again. The seventeenth century became the Age of Enlightenment wherein it started to hold scientific accomplishments. For the very first time, astrology turned into 2 distinct disciplines.

The Revival

It remained in a background until the interest has been revived during the early 20th century. In 1930S, US came up with a famous astrology program that aired on a radio. It eventually made a spark interest among the people. At present, it is no surprise knowing that the international leader consults the stars. Some remain to refuse believing in the predictions while many take this so seriously.

Chapter 3:

Zodiac Signs Basics


For other people, astrology is only a language used for describing the energies of the universe. While for some, this is the planet observation as well as the energy patterns created at a given moment. Early cultures had closely followed these movements and observed the annual journey of the Sun through Zodiac. Then, they had seen that some individuals who were conceived under the signs of the Sun had the same traits.

How Does It Work?

Astrology has been working with Constellation Energy in the outer space. The light coming from the constellation (Astrology sign) is flying towards the outer space. It strikes the Sun, mixes with the light and hits the Earth. For instance, those who were born between the Planet Earth and the sign of Pisces/Constellation, it means that Pisces is their astrological sign.

Sun Signs: Zodiac Signs Strengths and Weaknesses

There are 12 various Sun signs present according to Chinese astrology. They have been assigned according to Zodiac sign where the Sun is located during the birth of a person. These signs give details regarding individual’s unique personality. Below are the twelve zodiac signs and the basics of their personality type and emotions.


It is the person who was born between March 21 and April 30 and its symbol is Ram while Fire is its element. Aries’ ruling planet is Mars. The key strengths of an Aries person are energetic, confident, adventurous and courageous. Being impatient, self-centered, impulsive and short-tempered are the weaknesses.


The Taurus persons are those who were born between April 21 and May 21. The assigned symbol to Taurus is the Bull while its ruling planet is Venus and Earth is the element. Their strengths are dependability, emotional and physical strength, compassionate, reliability and loyalty. Their weaknesses include aggressiveness, dislike to face changes, stubbornness, and sensitivity.


The Gemini persons are those who were born between May 22 and June 21. Its symbol is the Twins, its ruling planet is Mercury and the element is Air. Gemini strengths are inquisitiveness, flexibility, good communication skills, and jovial. The weaknesses are restlessness, time management, selfishness and confusing personalities.


Cancer is the person who was born between June 22 and July 33. Crab is its symbol, water is the element and moon is its ruling planet. The strengths of this sign include empathy, genuine family attachment, adaptability and loyalty. Cancer weaknesses are sensitivity, indecisiveness, emotional outbursts, and moodiness.

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