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Table Of Contents

Chapter 1: Introduction

Chapter 2: How To Succeed In A Clickbank Business

Chapter 3: Soft Skills Applicable In Clickbank Industry

Chapter 4: 10 Things Anyone Should Know About Clickbank

Chapter 5: Comparison Of Clickbank And Other Marketing Strategies

Chapter 6: 10 Reasons Why Everybody Should Be On Clickbank

Chapter 7: The Ultimate Goal One Should Have When On Clickbank

Chapter 8: The Most Successful Case Studies

Chapter 9: Special Places To Go On Clickbank For Your Product Advertising

Wrapping Up

Things You Will Need To Know About Hosting Clickbank Sites

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Chapter 6:

10 Reasons Why Everyone Should Be On Clickbank


In the world of Internet marketing, ClickBank does not need any kind of introduction due to its popularity.

In a nutshell, ClickBank is an online store that gives everyone the opportunity to sell their products on the website. Many see the website as an affiliate marketer¡¦s paradise because of the ad spaces it provides.

If you are interested in online marketing, you should give ClickBank a go as it provides affiliate marketers high commissions when making a successful sale. Here are other reasons that might convince you to sign-up with the popular website as soon as you can.

Why Be There

1. Through ClickBank, affiliate marketers are afforded the opportunity to earn commissions that can be as high as 75% of the total price of the product. Although all sellers there do not provide 75% commission, the lowest possible commission you can earn is 50% of the total price of the product.

2. The developers of the website give the chance for webmasters to integrate the search box of ClickBank to their web or blog sites. In the event that buyers find what they¡¦re looking for with the use of the said search box, you will have commission.

3. The advertisements found on ClickBank¡¦s website can easily be embedded on your web or blog site. Often times, they can be linked with the ads from Google AdSense but the ads from ClickBank provide higher profits.

4. One highlight that makes ClickBank quite unique is that affiliate marketers do not need any knowledge about the technicalities related to web hosting, designing and the like. Upon registration at ClickBank as an affiliate marketer, you shall be given a link. Thus, you will be able to make money even though you do not have a website.

5. As an affiliate marketer on ClickBank, you will be afforded the opportunity to edit the Meta tags, descriptions, titles and keywords of the products you are promoting.

6. With ClickBank, your personal information as an affiliate marketer will not be displayed on the product or even when the products are searched for by buyers. This allows you to maximize the opportunity by advertising as many products as you would like without displaying how much you will earn from the sale.

7. ClickBank offers affiliate marketers various ways of promoting the products, in addition to the website itself. First, the marketer may promote all the products displayed on ClickBank. Secondly, you may promote categories and the sub categories. Lastly, you may promote the keywords, meta tags and descriptions only.

8. ClickBank allows you to refer friends and other people you know with a referral bonus when they register under your name.

9. The website also allows you to hide the other affiliate links you are promoting so that they will not see that you are merely an affiliate marketer and not the direct seller.

10. Lastly, you may register to ClickBank without spending even a single penny and earn as much money as you can.

Money is not a matter in question upon registration at ClickBank as an affiliate marketer. The only things you need are dedication and time for you to experience the limitless moneymaking opportunities afforded at ClickBank.

Chapter 7:

The Ultimate Goal One Should Have When on Clickbank


If there is one thing you should aim for when it comes to earning from Clickbank then it is to take advantage of its larger-than-life numbers. The figures that Clickbank produces in terms of affiliate marketing or Internet marketing in general are huge—in a good way.

It does not matter either if you want to penetrate the Internet¡¦s #1 marketplace as an AFFILIATE or as a MERCHANT. The numbers will remain in your favor, and the only thing you need to do is to figure out a way to make them work for you!

Clickbank Affiliates: 12,000 Products to Market

Notice that the word ¡¥choose¡¦ wasn¡¦t used, and that¡¦s because you do not really have to choose one product to market per se. You can choose a variety of them to start with if you feel that¡¦s what¡¦s best. And if not, there¡¦s no reason why you can¡¦t start from scratch again with another set of products to promote.

However, Clickbank strives hard to make it easier for affiliate marketers to choose the best products for them to promote.

„h Products are sorted out according to different categories to help affiliates find their ideal ¡§niche.¡¨

„h Statistics are provided for each product. Such figures include the product¡¦s commission percentage for affiliates, initial earnings for every sale, and gravity. More about the last factor later.

„h Unique and encrypted links for affiliates can be created in an instant

„h Affiliates are given a system to use for tracking clicks and sales they generate

Gravity, by the way, is based on a formula that Clickbank uses for computing the number of unique affiliates that have sold the said product in the past eight weeks. A high gravity score means you are
competing with a lot of affiliates for the same product ¡V and vice versa.

Although a lot of people will advise you to go for products with low gravity scores, what¡¦s really most important is to find a product you truly believe in and with a gravity score that you are confident of your ability to handle.

Clickbank Merchants: 100,000 Affiliates to Sell Your Products

On the other side of the fence, product owners or merchants get to enjoy over 100,000 of the Internet¡¦s most promising and successful affiliates in search of new products to sell. Now, the trick to getting the best affiliates to sign up with your program is simple: you need to offer them a product that¡¦s guaranteed to generate sales.

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