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Table of Contents

Foreword 5
General Bibliography 6
I. The Purpose of Camping 7
II. Leadership 13
Bibliography (See General Bibliography) 6
III. Location and Sanitation 25
Bibliography 36
IV. Camp Equipment 38
V. Personal Check List or Inventory. 58
VI. Organization, Administration and Discipline 66
VII. The Day’s Program 75
Bibliography 85
VIII. Moral and Religious Life 87
Bibliography 102
IX. Food 104
X. The Camp Fire 123
Bibliography 133
XI. Tramps, Hikes and Overnight Trips 135
XII. Cooking on Hikes 147
Bibliography 153
XIII. Health and Hygiene 155
Bibliography 167
XIV. Simple Remedies 168
XV. First Aid 175
XVI. Personal Hygiene 201
XVII. Athletics, Campus Games, Aquatics, Water Sports 209
Bibliography 229
XVIII. Nature Study 231
Bibliography 238
XIX. Forecasting the Weather 240
Bibliography 245
XX. Rainy Day Games 247
Bibliography 255
XXI. Educational Activities 257
Bibliography 278
XXII. Honor, Emblems and Awards 279
XXIII. Packing Up 289
Index 293

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The author has conducted boys’ camps for twenty-three years, so that he is not without expe¬rience in the subject. To share with others this ex¬perience has been his aim in writing the book. The various chapters have been worked out from a prac¬tical viewpoint, the desire being to make a hand¬book of suggestions for those in charge of camps for boys and for boys who go camping, rather than a theoretical treatise upon the general subject.

Thanks are due to E. M. Robinson, Dr. Elias G. Brown, Charles R. Scott, Irving G. MacColl, J. A. Van Dis, Taylor Statten, W. H. Wones, H. C. Beck¬man, W. H. Burger, H. M. Burr, A. B. Wegener, A. D. Murray, and H. M. Allen, for valuable suggestions and ideas incorporated in many chapters.

Grateful acknowledgment is made to the follow¬ing publishers for permission to quote from the books mentioned in the bibliography–Charles Scribner’s Sons, Harper Brothers, Outing Pub¬lishing Company, Baker & Taylor Company, Loth¬rop, Lee & Shepard Company, Penn Publishing Company, Doubleday, Page & Company, Hinds, Noble & Eldredge, Ginn & Company, Sunday School Times Company, G. P. Putnam’s Sons, Little, Brown & Company, Moffat, Yard & Company, Houghton, Mifflin Company, Sturgis & Walton, Funk & Wagnall’s Company, The Manual Arts Press, Frederick Warne & Company, Review and Herald Publishing Company, Health-Education League, Pacific Press Publishing Company.

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