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Table Of Contents

The Butterfly Effect
Viral Marketing
Why Membership Sites or Managed Content Areas
The Power and Benefits of a ‘Free’ Site
The Pre Launch Phase – Catalyst
• Testimonials
• Joint Ventures, Higher and 100% payouts…
• Buzz
• Teasers
• Pre-Launch Sales Letter or ‘Coming Soon’ Page
The Launch Phase – The Spike
The Post Launch Phase – Keeping Momentum
• The Viral Exponent – Butterflies
o Sales Copy, One time Offer Copy, Site Logic
o Testing, Tracking, and Improving
o Multi Promotional Tools
Instant and Easy Integrated Dynamic Process
Step By Step Process
Using Multi-Media
Focus On Growth From Start
o WIIFM – What’s In It For Me Concept
o Affiliate Programs and Split Pays
o Integration Marketing
o Promotions, Pushes, Contests, and Races
o Carrier Pigeons
o Forums
o Dead Real Estate
Passive Income – Making Money Formulas
• The List Building
• OTO – The One Time Offer Phenomenon
• Inside Members Area Upgrades
• Selling of Services and Specials
• Top Ads in Member to Member Emails
• Banners Thru Sites and Forums
• Pop Under On the Site
• Admin Advertising
• The Viral Thank You Page Sites
o FiresaleSecrets.com
o PreLaunchSecrets.com
o OutSourceSecrets.com
• Split Pay for Affiliate Program
• Help Desk – No Email
• noreply@ email address
• Use of Guest-Books
• Forums For Peer to Peer Support
• Powerful Admin Sections
• FAQ and Tweaking
• Dumb Down the Site
Marketing Funnel
Branding and Marketing Your Name
What Types of Sites Should You Consider to Manage
Case Studies
• Don’t Touch My Ads
• MyViralAds
• Dud – MyViralWebsite – What Went Wrong
• Free Joe Kumar Concept
• ListDotCom
• FreeAdvertisingGiveaway
• JV-Network
• The InstantBuzz.com Phenomenon
• Free-Advertising-Blog.com
• The Thank You Page Sites
FiresaleSecrets.com, PrelaunchSecrets.com, and
Closing Thoughts

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Hello and welcome to The Butterfly Marketing Manuscript. I want to congratulate you on taking the steps to financial independence. This manuscript is, what I believe to be, the most innovative and concise manuscript written today for any online marketer.

This is not a general and generic how-to course that covers everything about online marketing. I will not be teaching you HTML or how to put pop-ups on your site.

This manuscript will let you see into the mind of Mike Filsaime and I will reveal to you every secret, tactic, and strategy I know. In the following chapters I will give you time tested and proven concepts that allow me to make over $75,000 per month online, each and every month.

When you finish this course, you will have uncovered the easy stepby- step process, to follow in my footsteps. You will be able to do anything you put your mind to.

The price you paid for the **package will seem so insignificant over time. You will look back and say you would have paid over $50,000 for it all.

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