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What is Bootstrap Marketing and Why is It Important?_7
What is Bootstrap Marketing? 7
Why Should I Consider Using Bootstrap Marketing? 10
Takeaways for This Section 11
A Bootstrapped Checklist_13
Your Business Model 13
Be Willing to Sacrifice 15
Multiple Income Streams 16
Economics 101 16
Takeaways for This Section 17
Some Bootstrapping Obstacles_19
Don’t Imitate Big Business 19
There’s No Time Like the Present 19
Keep Your Eyes on the Prize 20
Takeaways for This Section 20
Tools and Resources for the Bootstrap Marketer_22

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The narrative goes something like this: A person, perhaps just like you, has an idea. It’s a compelling idea, one that has the potential to change a lot of people’s lives for the better. It also has the potential to make this person very, very wealthy. He or she decides to make this idea a reality. They decide to manufacture the product or provide the service. They decide to deliver the goods.

By nature this person is very creative. They are also very driven. Nothing is going to stop them. The risk of failure does not deter them or frighten them. In fact, being the type of person they are, failure is not considered an option. They move forward with confidence, even with bravado. It doesn’t matter to them that the world is ignorant of their talents and has no idea that it even needs the product or service about to be developed.

This person liquidates everything they have in the world to have the capital to develop their idea. They also borrow every cent available for borrowing and funnel those funds into the project. Money isn’t the object. If anything, money, or rather the lack of money is simply another obstacle to be overcome. The object, the only goal, is to get the project off the ground and have a prototype product or viable business plan in hand.

The person is usually working in their own house on this product. Occasionally, they might be working in their parent’s house or the house of friend, often in the basement or the garage. They also might be working on their own time, after hours, because they have a day job. Of course, their salary is used to make the dream a reality. To them, however, it doesn’t matter where they are working, nor how long. The basement or garage is just the first stop on a road that leads to success and fame.

Sometimes, this person may have a friend. The friend is usually somewhat of a geek, technically gifted, but lacking the drive and vision that can convert these gifts into something of real use. Our person has known this friend since childhood, high school or college. They have always seen the value of their friend’s gifts. They see how their friend’s talents can give them a competitive edge in the marketplace. They approach the friend with their idea. The friend is initially reluctant to get involved but, through the force of our person’s personality, is eventually won over and convinced to come on board. A partnership agreement is drawn up with all risks and rewards being shared fifty/fifty.

Eventually, the first prototypes of the idea are developed. This person physically takes the prototypes around to potential vendors and customers. Most of them aren’t interested and some are openly hostile to the idea that the prototype represents. Of course, this person isn’t deterred and, in time, they begin to sell a few units of the product.

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