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Table of Contents

Chapter 01 – Introduction

1.1 Working From Home: The Possible Health Benefits

1.2 Working From Home: The Health Risks

1.3 What You Will Learn

Chapter 02 – Create your ‘Smart’ Lifestyle Design

Digital Nomad? Or Digital Homebody

Chapter 03 – Set-Up your Work Culture

3.1 Your Work Environment

3.2 Setting Up a ‘Mobile Command Center’

3.3 Creating Your Home Office

3.4 Some Health Tips for Working at a Computer

Chapter 04 – Staying Discipline

4.1 Accepting Work

4.2 Choosing Clients

4.3 Revenue Streams

4.4 Targets

4.5 Systems

4.6 Hypothesis Testing

4.7 Your Personal Life

Chapter 05 – Optimizing Performance, Health and Productivity

5.1 Optimizing Sleep

5.2 Exercise

5.3 Nutrition

5.4 Introducing Kaizen

Chapter 06 – Home Business Models

6.1 Top Home Business Models for Lifestyle Design


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Many of us talk about ‘time management’ and we say that the reason we don’t stick to a training regime/weight loss program is that we don’t have the time. This is in fact all wrong. Most of us have plenty of time (otherwise, how did you manage to fit in the entire series of Lost recently?) but what we lack is the energy. Without energy, we don’t have will-power. Without will-power, things don’t get done and we start to drown in a list of things we need to be doing and become incredibly stressed. Our bodies suffer, our relationships suffer and we don’t live life to the fullest.

Working from home can change all that. Working from home means that you can choose to work out in the morning or in the afternoon – you just have to choose the time that you have the most energy. At the same time, it means you can put food on the stove while you’re working and watch it simmer.

Working from home means you can sit outside and feel the sun on your face, instead of being cooped up in an office (which is known to contribute to stress and depression). Working from home means that you don’t have to commute down busy streets with hundreds of people walking at you during rush hour – this wreaks havoc with your heartrate.

In short, when you work from home you get to choose your priorities and you reduce the stress of working several times over. Now you can put yourself first and that’s an incredibly important and valuable thing to be able to do.

The potential health benefits are transformative and life-changing. This book will show you how to start working from home if you don’t already and how to take maximum advantage of that situation so that you’re able to feel your very best and feel the benefits in every other area of your life.

Oh and of course this will have a powerful knock-on effect and impact on your productivity helping you to get more work done and to a much higher quality.

1.2 Working From Home: The Health Risks

But this book won’t just be about capitalizing on the amazing health benefits of working from home. Just as importantly, we’ll be looking at the potential health risks that working from home can pose. And make no mistake: there are many.

Think being shouted at by your boss is stressful? How about being shouted at by 10 angry clients? Or 300 angry customers who just downloaded your app?

And here’s the difference between working for someone versus working for yourself: when you work for someone else and you have an unproductive day, you still get paid.

When you work for yourself and you have an unproductive day? You get nothing.

Have a bad month? You still get nothing. That’s another thing: working for yourself is highly volatile and unpredictable and that’s why some people refer to bipolar depression as ‘the entrepreneur’s disease’.

Here’s another difference: when you work for yourself, none of your friends or relatives will respect the fact that you have to work during the week. ‘Oh, he/she works from home, so of course they can come and help me move out of my house/meet for lunch on a Wednesday afternoon’. Never mind that you promised your clients their work would be finished at 4pm. Never mind that you’ll now have to work until 5am through the night.

And on the flip side of this, your clients won’t respect that your home time is your home time. They’ll think nothing of e-mailing you at 5am in the morning on a Sunday to tell you the work you handed in three days ago was rubbish.

And you’ll have the same problem: you’ll always be tempted to finish a little early on a Friday, or to work a little late on a Wednesday. Goodbye body clock! Goodbye healthy sleep! Goodbye good quality work.

Then there’s the fact that working from home means working on your own, with no one around, in the same room you’re likely to spend your evening in. You never get to leave this space and you never get any outside interaction or input. Talk about cabin fever! Heeeeere’s Johnny!

Working from home gives you freedom and that freedom can give you the option to become incredibly healthy, happy and effective. At the same time though, freedom also comes with responsibility. Fail to manage that time well and it can all go wrong…

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