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Table of Contents

Introduction…………. 3
Chapter 1 – Your Current State.. 5
How to Calculate Your Body fat Percentage and Lean Mass……….. 5
Calculating Your Genetic Potential………… 7
Calculating Your AMR and BMR…………….. 8
Chapter 2 – Maintaining Your Caloric Surplus…………….11
Why Your Calorie Surplus is So Important……………… 11
How Many Calories Do You Need?………. 12
Chapter 3 – Understanding Macros………… 14
Chapter 4 – On Nutrients and Hormones….18
Why Aren’t I Growing? The Hormones Element………19
Chapter 5 – IIFYM IRL…………….23
What to Eat…….. 24
Bulk Eating Tips.. 25
Chapter 6 – Adding Supplements……………. 27
Chapter 7 – The Workouts……..30
How Training Builds Muscle.. 30
How to Lift for Size……………. 31
Your Program….. 33

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This is a rough estimate of course but you can also get an idea by looking at photos of people at different body fat percentages. If you can see abs but aren’t covered in ripped veins, then you’re probably between 13-10% body fat. If you can see all the striations and the veins, then you’re sub 10%.

Find a number that you think is a fair estimate and then subtract that percentage from your current body weight to find out what you would weigh if all of your body fat were to be removed. If you weighed 100lbs and your body fat percentage were 10%, then you would have a lean mass of 90lbs. For me, that number is 158.76lb because I have 10% body fat (approx.).

Calculating Your Genetic Potential

Now it’s actually possible to get some more very interesting information from these numbers, which is your FFMI. That’s your ‘Fat Free Mass Index’, which is like a body mass index but a lot more accurate because it differentiates between muscle and fat.

And what’s more, is that there is an upper limit to what your FFMI can be naturally without using steroids or other performance enhancing drugs. This is good because it lets us see just how much stronger we can get!

To work out your FFMI, all you need to do is use the following equation:

FFMI = (LBM in kg) / (height in meters)2

So convert your lean body mass to kilograms, then divided it by the square of your height in meters.

So when I do this with my numbers, I get a score of 23.065. The maximum it is generally agreed that you can score here is 25. Any higher than that and people will (perhaps rightly) suspect that you may be using steroids. This was the finding according to one study that surveyed a lot of natural athletes to see where they would peak. This is your ‘genetic limit’ and beyond that, you’ll only really be able to add fat. It’s not a ‘perfect’ score either though and some individuals genuinely have been able to break through and go even further beyond (Dragon Ball Z quote…) even without steroids. But as a rule: this is how far you can expect to go.

So if I have an FFMI of 23.065 and the maximum is 25, that means I have achieved 92.26% of my genetic potential. Work out how close you are to achieving yours and you can start to picture just how much bigger you could potentially get.

Know this though: the closer you start to get to your genetic limit, the harder it will become to add on more muscle. This is why experienced athletes can often be quite jealous of beginners who still experience ‘noob gains’. But it’s good news if you’re currently very skinny, because it means you’ll be able to start really piling on the pounds quickly with the right regmine.

Calculating Your AMR and BMR

With that out the way, we can finally work out your AMR and BMR.

So what exactly are these numbers?

Well your BMR is your ‘Basal Metabolic Rate’. This is just how much energy (in calories) your body needs in order to live. This is assuming you’re not moving at all – just lying there. Your body will still need to use up energy simply to maintain your systems – to help you blink, breathe, digest and pump blood around your body.

Your AMR is this number + the number of calories you are burning through movement and exercise. When you combine those two things, what you’re left with is the total energy demand of your body on an average day. This in turn tells you just how much you need to eat if you want to avoid burning fat and how much you need to eat if you want to encourage burning fat.

Because if you were trying to lose weight, then you would need to remain in a calorie deficit. That would mean you’d be eating fewer calories than you burn throughout the day. As a result, your body would be forced to burn fat in order to fuel your various movements or just to keep your heart beating.

But you’re not trying to lose weight, in fact, you’re trying to gain weight (albeit a certain kind). That means you need to maintain a caloric surplus where you consume more calories in the day than you use up. This in turn will mean that your body then has extra calories to spare and it will most likely store these calories as fat around the body. Or use them to build muscle. Or provide you with fuel to move around with.

You don’t want to go too far into surplus or you’ll end up looking huge and blobby while also breaking out in bouts of acne. Instead, you need to go just far enough into a surplus and that’s why you need to get scientific and you need to calculate precisely how many calories you need and how many you’re eating.

There are numerous equations for calculating BMR but the one we’re going to use is based on your lean body mass. That’s very important because muscle is more metabolically active than fat. If you are very heavy due to lots of muscle, then you will burn more calories simply to maintain and operate all that muscle mass!

So the equation looks like this:

BMR = 370 + (9.79757519 x LBM(lbs))

When I take my 162.288 and put that in, I get a BMR of 1,960. That means that if I just lay there all day, I would lose weight unless I ate at least 1,960 calories (kcal).

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