Winning Over Difficult People In Your Life MRR Ebook

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Table Of Contents

Introduction 4
1. The Mechanics of Being Difficult 6
Why are Difficult People Difficult? 8
2. How Pressures Affect Difficult People 9
Types of Pressure 12
Covert Pressures 19
When Overt & Covert Pressures Strike Together 23
3. Attitude Transfer 24
Hero Worship Transfer 25
Abhorrence Transfer 26
4. Will Power to Deal with Difficult People 28
5. Practical Examples of Dealing with Difficult People 42
A Difficult Self 42
A Difficult Spouse 43
Difficult Parents 45
Difficult Children 48
Difficult Siblings 50
Difficult Relatives 52
Difficult Friends 54
Difficult Classmates 56
Difficult Neighbors 58
Difficult Bosses 59
Difficult Business Partners 60
Difficult Co-Workers 62
Difficult Strangers 63
6. Getting Out of Tight Situations 65
United with Others 65
Using Reverse Psychology 66
Using Humor 68
Relaxation 69
“Showing Them” 71
Shifting Attention 72
Majority Approval 75
Putting it in Black and White 76
Going Against the Flow 77
Leaving the Show 78
Conclusion 80
Resources 83
About the author 84
Disclaimer 85

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You will no doubt agree that there are people around you who make life miserable.

They may even dominate or control you.

As you rub elbows daily with such folks at home and in the streets, you are constantly deciding on how to act properly towards them.

These minute decisions are being made by almost everyone.

We don’t want to “mess up” with difficult people and so we are always wary of our actions.

Troublesome people lurk everywhere. They are not really criminals, but they give others “a pain in the neck.”

They are the ones whom we might call the difficult people.

And most of us deal with them everyday – without knowing who they are, why they are so, and how to deal with them.

Answers to these questions equip us in dealing with them, and even in helping them.

You opted for this book because you don’t want to be counted among the difficult people, and you want to help them in some way.

If we all become true to these desires, we can make a lot of people happy, difficult or otherwise.

We can start to spread the spirit of happiness around us and help make this world a better place, even in a limited sense.

Conflicts throughout history, whether small or large scale, local or global, were attributed to difficult people who went out of bounds and affected the rest of humanity.

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