Building Confidence Plr Ebook

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Table of Contents

Introduction .4
Lesson 1
Step onto the mat …..7
Lesson 2
Struggling is not the answer 17
Lesson 3
Goal Setting Success ………….22
Lesson 4
Personal Power Factors for Self-Confidence …………31
Factor 1: Focus ………31
Factor 2: Discipline ..34
Factor 3: Persistence ………….37
Lesson 5
Enthusiasm Breeds Confidence ……..41
Lesson 6
Facing Fear .45
Lesson 7
Stand for your values when you feel fear ….53
Lesson 8
Unleashing the Power of Self-Command …..55
Lesson 9
Amazing Affirmations …………61
Lesson 10
How to be decisive and self-confident ………67
Lesson 11
How Brain Science brings Self-confidence ..73
Instant changes that affect Self-Confidence 81
A NEW vision for your life .83

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Dare to be different!

If you lack self-confidence it can have a severe effect on the whole of your life. It can affect everyday choices and impact the relationships you have. I’m sure you are aware of this fact.

However, the good news is that it can change, and change very quickly.

If you recognise aspects of the above inside your own mentality, then this lesson alone is going to be eye opening.

We only need to look around our environment in the modern age to see some very obvious but unnatural phenomena.

I am referring to the visible evidence that a huge majority of the population are living lives they are truly not happy with. It seems they are resigned to “just getting by”. They conform to society, they are good citizens but they are average and unhappy with themselves.

This leads to feelings of unworthiness, anger and in extreme cases – suicide. This may be quite common in today’s world, but is it natural for human beings?

When things begin to go wrong for people, they start to blame others. In an effort to avoid the guilt and the shame of looking inwardly they look to outside factors and circumstances for the answer. Oftentimes our excuses can defy logic, but in the moment they shield us from feeling bad.

Understanding this and being aware of it brings you power. Power to change yourself and therefore your circumstances.

YOU can inspire yourself by facing your difficulties in life and facing everything to reach your goals and ambitions. Walking this path in life will bring you a huge amount of self-confidence and self esteem. Your own hero’s can also inspire YOU, which is something we will be discussing later.

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