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Table of Contents

Introduction 2
Knowing How to Identify the Root of Your Anger 3
Fear 3
Negativity 4
Substance Abuse Increases Anger 6
Depression 8
Influenced Anger 10
Chapter Two 12
Anger Can Control Your Life 12
Domestic Violence 12
Anger can kill 13
Anger Consumes Time 15
Inside the Angry Mind 17
Anger Takes a Toll on Your Body 20
Chapter Three 23
Taking Control of Your Anger 23
Evaluating Anger 23
Dealing with Anger 25
Reducing the Roadblocks of Anger 27
Coping With Your Anger 29
Anger in Review 31

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Anger can be a problem in your day to day life if you let it be. Not only does it disrupt your work and play, but it could hurt you when you least expect it. Anger has a sneaky way of making itself known in the most uncommon of situations, and most you don’t have any control over.

Sometimes people don’t even know that they are angry until something happens to trigger the sudden change in mood. If this has happened to you, you may feel that there is no way to fix your underlying problem because you don’t know where it stems from.

This is simply not true. This book can help you to realize what anger is, why you are experiencing the emotion in the first place, and what you can do to keep it from ruining your life.

Using this book as a guide to fixing your anger problems you may find yourself in the middle of the problem, you may find that something in your past that you have no control over still dominates your emotions today.

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