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Which brings us to the third and final point…

#3: Don’t Create All Your Content Yourself

A common approach to a blog is to center everything around the blog post owners. The logic is that all content is created by the owner because they are the expert and their readers expect no less from them. This approach has appeal because you can create a great brand based on your personality and quickly build up a loyal following, but the long term drawbacks can certainly outweigh those benefits.

Some of Those Drawbacks Are:

It is a lot of work for you. We don’t have to tell you that creating all your own original content is a HUGE job. While content creation is an important part of building your business, you need to have time for planning, strategizing and marketing. If you’re writing all day, it’s tough to dedicate enough time to these activities.

It is a lot of pressure on you personally to always deliver. If your business is all about you, your readers and your customers rely only on you. There is a loyal following and connection, but sometimes the expectations can be too high and your time is sucked up by doling out free advice and answering endless questions. While we’re all in a content-based business because we like to help people, we’ve got to make money and have time for ourselves too.

You have no exit strategy. A business that is centered around one person has no value without that person. What happens if you want to sell the business or if, heaven forbid, something happens and you can’t run the business? A lot of people don’t plan for an exit strategy or they don’t feel they need one, but we’d encourage you to think about:

• Your business is an asset. Not only for your family right now, but your family in the future when you’re long gone. Even if you don’t sell the business, you need to plan for your succession.
• On the other hand, a business you can exit can be sold at any time. If you or your family has a need for extra money or you’re just ready for something new, you can sell part or all of your business.
• You can make a ton of cash if you plan your exit well. By building up the business, systematizing it and selling when it’s doing well…you have more money to work on new ventures, improve your family’s situation or just enjoy yourself.

Now we’re not suggesting you should set up an impersonal business with a ton of content just flying out there to see what sticks. NEVER. You can still benefit from being the central person in your business…but also effectively leveraging the work of others in delivering knowledge to your target market.

Once You Get Help Blogging, You Have:

The ability to get more leads: Content is a lead generator and if you optimize and distribute it well, you’re going to reach more leads with more content.

More time for profit-generating activities: While content is a great lead- generator, your business needs your attention when it comes to strategy, marketing and sales activities. When you don’t spend as much time creating content…you get more time for exactly that.

More Variety for Your Readers: By using content from others, you give your readers a fuller experience that they will appreciate and come back for. Stop worrying about having all eyes on you, create a resource that is the most valuable to your readers.

To Help You Get Help (Even for Free) for Your Content, We’ve Included:

Content Brand Charter Template: If you’re at all concerned about delivering a consistent message to your blog readers if you hire writers or accept free guest bloggers, this charter template will help you outline exactly what you expect from your content.

Use it to define your target market, what makes your blog unique and different from others, your goals from publishing content, your blog’s voice and what message you want to send to your audience. Share it with your guest and hired writers, so they’re on the same page.

How to Get Free Content Checklist: Who says you have to pay for content? There are plenty of great ways to leverage the content of others. This checklist includes 10 handy ideas for you.

Recruiting and Working with Free Guest Bloggers Checklist: Many bloggers and writers would love to write for your blog, in return for exposure and don’t need payment at all. This detailed checklist covers all the bases to ensure you provide a good opportunity for your guest blogger and useful experience to your readers as well.

Guest Blog Submission Guidelines Template: If you want to accept guest writers, one of your first steps is to create a blog post submission page. This template includes the fill-in-the-blanks wording you can use to make your offer clear and ensure a smooth process from start to finish.

Hiring and Working with Writers Checklist: This checklist shows you how to find writers, how to determine if they’re the writer to work with and how to ensure your expectations are met.

Writer Assignment Template: Once you’re ready to hire, this template will ensure you cover all your bases to get the best result possible. Just fill in the details like: content format, topic, expected length, target market, voice, edits included, payment information and project deadline.

Once you have a system in place, keeping your blog filled with useful and engaging content doesn’t have to be complicated. It begins with regular planning, establishing routines and getting help with your content. There are plenty of talented people out there…leverage their skills for a win-win proposition for everyone.

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