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Her Best Date Ever… When you think about things like romantic comedies, “chick flicks,” romance novels, soap operas, etc., what’s the first thing that comes to mind?

What do they all have in common (aside from the fact that they continue to generate multi-millions of dollars each year?)

The commonality among them is, women love them! Well, most women, anyway. And, even the small group of women that doesn’t like any of those things have still been conditioned – on some level, from a very early age, to respond to those triggers.

Women want to experience what the girl in that romantic comedy and romance novel experiences. (Sure, the modern woman may never admit to it in public…she may even deny it when asked about it. But deep down inside, she wants it just as much as any other girl.)

Here’s what I am talking about…

Women are emotional creatures. (You’re probably heard me say that several times in my various reports.)

So, when I say that women want to experience what the girl in a romantic comedy and romance novel experiences, I mean that they want to go through those same emotional peaks that the movies and novels are able to take them through. (That is why so many women are addicted to romance novels.)

Women want to feel like their romantic life is unfolding like a story out of one of those movies or novels. They want to feel those serendipitous moments that remind them of the possibility of “meant to be” and “it’s a sign”….or even true love, soul mates, destiny and fate.

They want the ups and downs, like the thrill of a roller coaster ride. They want to be swept off their feet. They want to feel like they’re falling, somewhat out of control, and they can’t help themselves…but they like the direction it’s headed towards.

They want to feel brand new, like it’s their first time experiencing all of it. They want to feel like a teenager falling for the first time. Or even a little girl who doesn’t have any fears or walls/barriers, so she can give in to those feelings completely…and let it consume her.

They want the excitement and nervousness of that first date and that first kiss. They want to feel those incredible moments of ‘connection’ with a stranger. They want the humor, the romance, the spark, the butterflies in the stomach.

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