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Introduction..Page 2
Chapter I: There are Lions.Page 3
Chapter II: There are Tigers..Page 8
Chapter III: There are Bears..Page 15
Chapter IV: Oh, My!Page 21
Chapter V: There are Sneaky SnakesPage 26
Chapter VI: Watch Out for the Cannibals..Page 32
Chapter VII: There are Poisonous Plants..Page 36
Chapter VIII: All the Natives Aren’t FriendlyPage 43
Chapter IX: Go Well Armed..Page 50
Chapter X: Go Well Prepared..Page 57
Conclusion..Page 59
Resources..Page 60

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Pyramid schemes have been around since about the time the actual pyramids were built. You‟d think that in the intervening few thousand years people would be able to easily recognize a pyramid scheme when they came face to face with one. The people who dream these things up, however, are pretty slick characters. A pyramid scheme never, ever, comes labeled as a pyramid scheme.

It is really easy to get sucked into one of these schemes. You need to understand how they work and be able to spot them for what they are. There are a few „buzz‟ words that can tip you off:

1. Recruit: “to engage in finding and attracting employees, new members, students, athletes, etc.” That‟s one of the definitions of the word according to the dictionary. The use of the word, „recruit‟ (or any variation) should be a major tip off that the program that is being promoted to you is most likely a pyramid scheme. Some of these schemes can be easily spotted while others are a little harder to identify. Just beware when you see the word, „recruit‟. There was a scheme that went around awhile back that was sent by unsolicited email that offered an „exclusive opportunity‟ to earn a boat load of money by recruiting people to sell a device that would provide access to the Internet by television. No, I‟m not kidding. This happened and people fell for it.

2. „Buy the secret and sell.‟ This is a typical pyramid scheme that you will often see. This is another „offer‟ that arrives in your inbox that you have not solicited. You are offered an „exclusive‟ opportunity to buy a secret that will allow you to make a hundred thousand dollars a month (no work required) and then you can sell this secret to others for a substantial profit and they will make money for you. These gullible folks will just fill your bank account with beautiful green-backs. Wait! You are the gullible folk they are targeting.

You can believe me when I tell you that there really aren‟t a lot of people out there in this world that are eagerly awaiting the opportunity to send you money.
You can also believe that there is no legitimate Internet business that is going to immediately make you hundreds of thousands of dollars a month. You might someday make that kind of money but if you do, it will be after you have put in an incredible amount of time and effort and not because you bought a „secret‟there isn‟t one.
3. „Let others do the work‟: This little phrase has pyramid scheme written all over it. The „pitch‟ is usually for a non-existent product. You will be sent information buy bulk mail that gives you instructions for getting other‟s to promote this „product‟ and all you will have to do is count your millions. Right! Don‟t fall for that one.

Disguised MLM

If you are really new to the world of internet business or work-at-home job opportunities, you may not know what MLM means. It means Multi-Level-Marketing. MLM is similar to a pyramid scheme but it isn‟t exactly the same.

True pyramid schemes don‟t involve the selling of an actual product but MLM is all about selling an actual product.

According to this glossary of Internet terms, “Multilevel Marketing is selling products by using independent distributors and allowing these distributors to
build and manage their own sales force by recruiting, motivating, supplying, and training others to sell products. The distributors’ compensation includes their own sales and a percentage of the sales of their sales group (downline).

“So,” you say, “that just sounds like a good idea for making money.” Well, it IS a good way for making money. The problem is that it is illegal.

Do you see that tip-off word, „recruiting‟? The other tip-off that this is a MLM scheme is the phrase, „percentage of sales‟.

There is nothing illegal about setting up and affiliate program and PAYING a percentage of sales to those who sell your products or services to others. There is nothing illegal about COLLECTING the percentages that are offered by the producers of the products or services. That is simply good business and a more than just common practice in the Internet business world.

The problem arises when you start COLLECTING percentages of sales from people whom you have recruited to sell the product. Then another level is added and it becomes multi-level marketing. Even one additional level is illegal but there are MLM schemes that will have many, MANY layers.

The main Internet banking and money exchange on the Internet is Paypal. Paypal employs full-time personnel to search for and identify MLM schemes. When these schemes are uncovered, the account (and all attached accounts and credit cards) are frozen.

Yes, it is true that sometimes Paypal does misidentify a perfectly legitimate business as a MLM scheme but it doesn‟t happen very often and the problem can usually be resolved in just two or three business days. This very thing happened to a friend of mine not long ago. It was resolved but not without him being able to prove that his business was not a MLM scheme.

This does point out the fact, however, that there are those who are looking for illegal MLM schemes. You may think that you are very anonymous on the Internet but when you do business on the Internet you are not longer anonymous.

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