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Uses for Hangouts

There are many different ways to use Google Hangouts for your business. The most common would be webinars and other types of marketing content, but there are other ways you can use them profitably, too.
Here are a few ideas for ways you can use Google Hangouts for your business:

1. Offering Lessons – You can offer lessons, either free or paid, or individuals or small groups through the Hangouts platform.

2. Training – If you have a product such as software for sale, you can offer live video training to individuals or groups showing them how to use it. This video can be recorded using the Google on Air system and uploaded to YouTube for others to watch at a later date.

3. Demos – You can use Hangouts to show really cool live demos of upcoming projects.

4. Marketing Presentations – Hangouts make excellent live commercials for your products or affiliate products, allowing potential buyers to ask questions and get answers about the product in real time.
5. Interviews – You can have someone interview you, or you can interview someone else live.

6. Webinars – You can use Google Hangouts to hold webinars online without paying a fortune for expensive webinar software or paying monthly subscription fees.

7. Communicating with Partners – You can use Hangouts to communicate with any type of business associates, including your virtual assistants, designers, programmers, business partners, and affiliates. Keep them apprised of updates, new products, upcoming projects, brainstorm together, etc.

8. Providing Customer Support – If your customers need help that can’t easily be explained through email, or you’ve tried email and they still don’t understand, you can offer to start a Google Hangout and give them live support through video chat. This can be much more effective than email support, and your customers will thank you for it!

9. Live Collaboration – If you’re working on a project with multiple people, gather your team together and collaborate live through a Hangout. It will let you give each other instant feedback, updates on current project progress, and more.

10. News & Announcements – If you need to hold a live “press conference” to announce something or report some news you have, a Google Hangout is a great way to do so!

These are just a few ideas. As you can see, Google Hangouts can be useful for any business in a wide variety of ways, and best of all, Google Hangouts are FREE!

If you really think hard, you might be able to come up with additional uses for Hangouts. Don’t forget that Hangouts aren’t just for making money. They have a wide variety of other business uses as well, including holding meetings with people across the world, so you never have to worry about having communication difficulties with your business partners, staff, outsourcers, virtual assistants, affiliates, and other people you work with.

Getting the Most out of Google Hangouts

Google Hangouts can be remarkably effective for marketing and educational purposes, but only if they are used to their fullest potential.

Here are some facts about Google Hangouts:

• You can create a video chat conference with up to 10 people simultaneously.

• You can make live telephone calls free through Google Hangouts.

• You can record your Hangouts and immediately upload them straight to YouTube.

• Hangouts can be accessed from any internet-capable computer, including both PC and Mac, but can also be accessed by most Android and iOS devices through apps.

We are going to take a look at some of the different ways you can use Google Hangouts to enhance your business, increase your profits, explode your traffic and more!

Hangouts on Air

One of the coolest new features of Google Hangouts is their new Hangouts On Air. Using this system, you can broadcast your content live during a Google Hangout On Air, and record the video for playback at any time later.

The video will automatically be uploaded to YouTube. This will allow you to show the content to an unlimited number of people, even those who could not be present for the live broadcast.

If you’d like to learn more about Hangouts On Air, you can check out the official page here:


If you scroll down you’ll find a plethora of Hangouts that are currently available, and see which ones are coming up that you might be interested in seeing. Seeing these Hangouts On Air might give you ideas for your own.

Getting Paid for Hangouts

In addition to using Hangouts for marketing purposes and for things like networking, managing projects and working with outsourcers, you could also hold paid Hangouts by taking money in advance and then giving access only to those who have paid.

This technique could be useful for a lot of different applications:

• Coaching – Perhaps the most obvious way to make money with Hangouts is to hold one-on-one coaching sessions and charge for it. Coaching is very popular in the internet marketing world, but it could translate well into other areas, too, such as weight loss, fitness, business mentoring, etc.

• Advice – Similar to coaching, you could also offer simple advice in niches. Examples of people who could offer advice through this system would be doctors and nurses, lawyers, counselors and therapists, etc.

• Lessons & Training – Lessons and training classes definitely have the potential to make money through Hangouts. You can offer training in specific topics or on a variety of topics within a specific niche.

• Tutoring – Similar to lessons, you can offer tutoring on specific subjects. This would be useful for helping students who are struggling in school.

• Entertainment – You could even offer entertainment services through Hangouts, such as comedy shows, general chat, music, magic shows, etc. You might even dress up as characters such as Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny, etc. and charge money to speak to children as that character.

These are just a few ideas of ways you might create paid Hangouts. Just remember to set your Hangouts to private so that only those who have paid for access will receive an invite and will be able to access.

Strategies for Creating Cool Hangouts

If you really want to get the most out of Google Hangouts, you need to learn how to create Hangouts that people are actually going to want to attend. They certainly won’t do you any good if no one attends them!
Here are ten great strategies for creating cool Hangouts that will attract visitors and increase your conversions, whether you’re looking to sell products, gain affiliates, gain subscribers, or anything else.

1. Don’t just sell. Never create a Hangout with the sole purpose of selling. Hangouts must be entertaining or informative, preferably both. If you think you’re going to attract people to hear a marketing pitch with no content, think again.

2. Engage your audience. Don’t make the mistake of speaking during the entire Hangout and expecting people to enjoy it. Ask people if they have any questions or if there is anything they would like to know more about. You never know, someone in your audience may come up with a topic you never thought of that you can use in all your Hangouts from that point on.

3. Invite interesting guests to your Hangouts. If you start to get a good number of people coming to your Hangouts, you may be able to attract expert speakers to visit as presenters or interviewees. This could definitely boost the cool factor of your Hangouts, and it will benefit those you invite, too, because they’ll get to promote their own products/services.

4. Emulate other Hangouts. Emulate them, but don’t copy them. Visit some successful, popular Hangouts and take notes. This is especially true for Hangouts on topics similar to your own.

5. Use multimedia content. In addition to simple video chat, you can also use screenshare to show attendees anything you have happening on your own computer. You can share YouTube videos this way, demonstrate the use of software, show pictures and slides, and much more.

6. Play games with attendees. A great way to make Hangouts more fun is to play games with those who attend. You can play trivia games, for example, and even offer prizes.

7. Offer prizes to attendees. Giveaways are a great way to make your Hangouts more fun, and you’re sure to increase attendance this way. People love to win free stuff, and prizes don’t necessarily have to be of high monetary value to excite people.

8. Keep designs simple. One major mistake people often make with their webinars/Hangouts is by making their materials too complex. If you have too much information on each slide, people won’t be able to see and process all of the information, and they may start to tune it out completely. Your slides should be attractive, but simple. Include only a few words on each page.

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