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A backlink is a simple enoughconcept. Forget all the marketing jargon that surrounds them.

At their heart, they’re simple. It’s just a link from anotherplace on the web to your site.

For instance, links from your business pages on twitter and Facebook could be considered backlinks, but more effectively, putting links on forums, blogs, Facebook groups, Reddit, and other social media platforms would be a more fitting description.

Thebest place to plug backlinks is on blogs that are not owned or operated by you, but you link appears in a post on the blog, or in the comments section of specific articles.

The same applies to other businesses or customer websites that link back to your content. Many times, simple in-line text links are the most effective, as they appear more natural on a blog then a banner or some other type of advertising. You can pay affiliate marketers to link back to you in this way.

Backlinks are not some magical Internetthing that nobody understands.

All it is, at the end of the day, is a link.

Its purpose isto direct traffic from one website to another, that’s it. They tend to stay on a webpage over its lifetime.

A backlink doesn’t create a surge of traffic that is over in a day or two, like normal advertising.

Instead, the link stays put for as long as the website owner keeps the page up, so as the page itself continues to generate traffic, your link will be waiting for new readers interested in your product or service.

In this section, we’re going to briefly look over some of themost popular and resilient methods for putting your links out there. Each method will be broken down at large, so you understand exactly what it entails.

Start on your own page.

Good SEO practices encourage the use of backlinks, so don’t be afraid to start linking to other company websites from your own page.

Ideally, you want to have a good mix of incoming and outgoing links. You don’t want to be a link hog. You also want outbound links aimed at quality content that will interest your readers, and high traffic sites that will keep the search spiders happy.

The simplest way to add value for your own customers is by linking, not necessarily to the competition, but to related websites that offer slightly different sources than your own.

Become a hub ofgood information for the peoplethat stumble across your site on any given day.

Think about it…

If you come across a page on the Internet that has links to all of the best information out there for your specific hobby, even if nearly all of it is hostedon another site, are you going to bookmark each individual site, or are you goingto bookmark the list of links?

This is a good first step, not only to keeping your audience coming back to your list, but also to building a rapport with other companies on your link list, providing a valuable resource that your viewers will appreciate, cementing your brand name, and maintaining a good mix of outgoing links, which the search engines will appreciate.

Create buzz.

The more people talk about your site, the more back links will come in naturallylike clockwork.

The retweet isprobably the simplest example.

You post a link to your own content, someone reads it, and then they go back to twitter and either provide their own link to the content, or they retweetthe link you shared with a comment.

The link is seen by a larger audience, and you drive more traffic, because people are talking.

This should be the end goal of your social platform.

Not just to create huge followings and post about your own stuff, but to engage with the community, and when your website can help other members of a discussion, then you can plug it.

Most social media platforms are perfect for this, but some excel.

If you can get your backlink to stick to the front page on Reddit forany amount of time, then you will see a swarm in traffic.

Longer lasting discussions.

If getting retweets on twitter is good, then getting people talking about your website in the comment section of a blog is better.

Ideally, you should be invested in other blogs that cater to your industry. You should have a Disqus account that you use to leave comments on blog posts.

They don’t all have to be directing traffic back to your site, and in fact, they shouldn’talways be that way.

However,if you see anopportunity to drop a plug somewhere, thenby all means, do it.

You are creating a link back to your website from someone else’s content, and as long as the whole of the comment is in good taste, the blogger isn’t going to mind, because their discussionis growing, and they are getting more traffic.

This tactic can obviously be used for nefarious purposes, so be careful what you post. You don’t want to be labeled as a spammer.

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